The Fayette Citizen-Special Sections
Wednesday, October 7, 1998


Fayette is 1st county in Ga. to go electric
Fayette County's three new trucks look like any other Ford Ranger, but they don't sound the same.

Happy trails
Two new county trails ready, more on the way

After 32 years, war's scars are healing
Veterans' paths cross again under better circumstances

Fayetteville's future
Proposed land use plan calls for city of 24,000 with small town flavor

Milner makes whistle stop in Fayette
Praised for his persistence, third-time Republican gubernatorial hopeful Guy Milner made a campaign stop in Fayette Monday.

'She'll be missed'
Fayetteville's 'corporate memory,' Ms. Helen retires after 31 years

Williams pays tax bill for disputed property
Dave Williams said he was a bit surprised when he got his tax bill this week.

Library cleaning contract awarded
PSC Janitorial Services has been given the task of keeping Fayette County Library squeaky clean.

Several county water projects proceeding
County water is coming to parts of south Fayette not currently served.


Ignorance is bliss for most Americans
Managing Editor

If current polls are to be believed, I fear we are becoming the most ill-informed, ignorant nation in the world.

Racism didn't die with Wallace
Politically Speaking

Anyone who thought that racist hatred (based on color, ethnicity, or whatever) was buried last week when they laid George "Standing-In-The-Schoolhouse-Door" Wallace to rest in Montgomery is sorely mistaken.

Carolina on my mind
Laugh Lines

There's nothing that brings me down from a Demerol "high" worse than being robbed.

Letters From Our Readers

More on Math
My children came to Fayette County school system from Bergen County New Jersey, home of some of the finest school systems in the country, so maybe the comparison isn't fair. if it isn't, why are we accepting this?

There are better places for water tank
Well, we had a "Public Meeting" about the huge water tower the Water Department is trying to push down the throats of the Hopeful residents.


Intolerance, in the name of tolerance
Call me intolerant, but I am tired of Bible-believing Christians being the only group not tolerated.

PTC First Presbyterian's homecoming is Oct. 11
First Presbyterian Church of Peachtree City plans its first Homecoming Service Sunday, Oct. 11, with a special joint worship service at 10:10 a.m.


New cable channels set to debut Nov. 1
In the next three weeks, many of Fayette County's cable customers will see two new channels for their entertainment options.

Walker Concrete celebrates 45th anniversary
Barney Walker stood before approximately 3,000 employees, family and members of the community Saturday to give thanks for the success of Walker Concrete.


Cross country teams hit winning strides
Cross country action continued this weekend as McIntosh ran in the Vulcan Invitational and Sandy Creek, Starr's Mill, Fayette County and Landmark ran in the Bleckley Invitational .

Football hits the middle of the season

Lakers soccer gets kicked by North Florida
The Clayton State Women's team were dealt their first home loss of the season on Sunday in their contest against the University of North Florida.

Sports: mack-avelli
When you think of Braves of the past, several names come to mind, Hank Aaron, Dale Murphy, Phil Niekro. Now, for all of you trivia buffs out there, who is the oldest living Brave? No one knows the answer for sure but it might be Joe Mack.


Provincial wisdom
Ah, you say, here she goes again, copying from other papers and calling it a column.

Club sees cycling as solution
A new bicycle club is forming in Fayette County. "Biking For Life in Fayette County" will have their first meeting Oct. 10 at 1 p.m. at the Fayette County Recreation Department on Redwine Rd. in Fayetteville.

Local birders gathering to view fall migration
Mortals busy with jobs and school are sometimes unaware of the seasonal changes around them. But even though temperatures are occasionally still summer-like, there have been changes in the length of days and the slant of the light changes not lost on the creatures of nature.

International Festival promotes goodwill
Organizers of the International Society's third annual International Festival Sunday in Peachtree City are promising unique food, music and fun for all ages.

Military Brief

Firefighters, Shriners offer prevention and knowledge as keys
In a concerted effort to educate youngsters and their parents about fire and burn prevention, Fayette County firemen and the Shriners kicked off their information campaign Thursday at Fayetteville Middle School.

Race relations committee has positions available
The Racial Relations Advisory Committee of the Fayette County Board of Education is accepting applications for new committee members. Applications can be obtained from the Board of Education office at 210 Stonewall Ave. in Fayetteville.

School Briefs

Opening This Week

Prime Timers

PTC couple find success in marriage and business

The history hall of love and marriage is full of stories on what attracted couple to each other. For Varner and J.D. Holmes, it was their hypothalamus.

PrimeTimers Calendar

County legacy remembers council days

When Vernon Woods joined the Army Air Corps, he expected he'd travel some. He did. Before he was through, he'd circumnavigated the globe on foot and narrow-gauge railroad, by ship and by air.

Club Peachtree, GymXpress owners 'committed to health'
J.D., 56, and Varner, 53, started Club Peachtree because of their commitment to health. They chose to start the club in the manner they did because of their commitment to the community and to good business practices.

Lawn & Garden

Add life to your garage doors
A garage door is more than just a luxury or convenience. It provides safety, security and protection from summer heat and winter cold.

Americans use multimedia software to remodel
White picket fence, cedar shake roof and a wrap-around porch or maybe the art deco look complete with palm trees and pink flamingos. Everyone wants their dream home to reflect their tastes and personality.

Birds find sanctuary in Georgia during winter
Fall migration has begun and many birds are heading south for the food that will remain abundant in climates warmer than ours. Is the daily pleasure of watching the comings and goings of our tiny neighbors all over for bird lovers in Georgia?

Callaway Gardens gives tips and techniques to gardeners
Spend this Columbus Day learning garden secrets at the Callaway Gardner Workshop Series, Oct. 10-11.

Choosing a reputable contractor can save money
Your insurance will help you repair your home after a disaster, but there are potential problems lurking around and they are not easy to spot.

Consumer Questions

Cooler Weather
Cooler weather is on its way again. For those of you using the hot weather as an excuse to avoid the home improvement and gardening tasks that need to be done, the time is here to take advantage of lower temperatures.

Feeding birds on a budget
Whoever came up with the expression "chicken feed" to imply that something doesn't cost much has probably never fed chickens.

Frozen pipes: a preventable disaster
An average of a quarter-million families have their homes ruined and lives disrupted each winter because of damage from frozen pipes.

Helpful gardening tips for fall and winter
According to Peggy Daily, inside manager of Andy's Nursery, it's time to thoroughly clean out ponds, ridding it of weeds and dead plants.

Homemade cleaners safe alternative to commercial products
One of the best ways to be safer in your home is to use safer alternatives to commercial cleaners whenever possible.

Keep a hummingbird feeder up year-round
Every year ornithologists hear the same concern from bird lovers: By leaving my hummingbird feeders out after mid-October, am I encouraging the little fellows to stick around too long, risking a possibly lethal dose of cold weather?

Making the most of your home improvement dollar
The home improvement industry is booming throughout the nation, as today's homeowner is choosing to remodel instead of buying new. In fact, by the year 1999, consumer remodeling will skyrocket to $112.3 billion annually, according to the Home Improvement Research Institute.

Questions about paint? Here are some answers
Painting seems so easy. Simply buy a can of paint and a brush and go to work.

Creating the right atmosphere of your home begins with scents
Creating the right atmosphere depends as much on the scents in your home as it does the furnishings.

Backyard Association to share tricks for transplanting woody ornamentals
Transplanting trees and shrubs is a subject that seems to receive less coverage than other gardening topics. Extensive information is available on planning, planting, pruning, maintaining and other basic landscape tasks while little is offered on the specifics of transplanting.

Use the right tools for safety
Repetition and continuous pressure from hand tools can cause cramps, calluses and sometimes accidents for do-it-yourselfers and pros. Professional painters and masons are known to get carpal tunnel syndrome from such movements.

Tips on window shopping
Whether remodeling or building a new home, knowing the right questions to ask before buying windows can save you time, trouble and money.