Lack of Respect

While running an errand today and very late I was stopped in traffic going towards PTC. A few minutes later I found out why, It was for the funeral procession of a fallen soldier and it was a long one. While waiting, I was being honked at by a lady behind me, obviously I could not move because the Police had us stopped. I'm just disgusted by the lack of respect some drivers had today. Was it because they had to wait 10 minutes until the funeral line passed? People Please, regardless of your views of the war... this was a human being, a father a son who lost his life and poor you had to wait for a brief minute. Life is too short, obviously a view probably felt by this poor man's family. Take some time to stop and smell the roses and stop for once thinking about you. Thank you to the family and your sacrifice, I apologize for these people's rude behavior. Even though I did not know them I am so embarrassed.

Golf Cart Danger

The PTCPD needs to get a handle on the golf cart situation. Walking between Kroger and Kelly Dr is so scary with kids dr

Thank You

I would like to thank everyone involved from the City of Fayetteville to Fayette County for creating the NEW
City of Fayettville Freeway with the widing of Jimmy Mayfield. Nice job!!!

Krunkdog Second Look

Hello, everyone. I'm sure a few of you will probably remember me from almost a year ago, or however long ago it was. Anyway, I came across this site again today and wanted to come back and say a few last words. I'm sorry for the things I said. I came across as an uneducated kid trying to stir up trouble. I didn't mean to offend anyone. I hope all of you and I can BOTH act mature and put it behind us. Once again, I'm sorry.

White Supremacists meet in peachtree city???

So, i have recently been made aware of an organization named SCCD (Southern Center for Caucasian Development). They meet at the Bethlehem Baptist Church. Why would the church sponsor a thing like that? They advertise on a message board called "" a major white supremacist website. What should i do to oppose this sort of thing.

Motorcycle for Sale

My husband is selling his motorcycle. It is a 2003 Honda Shadow Spirit 750. It has aftermarket pipes, mirrors, saddlebags. It also comes with the stock pipes, & mirrors. It only has 13,600 miles. It stays under the carport and is a very beautiful well kept bike. It is burgandy red with flames all factory. If any one is interested we are asking $4800 for the bike.

Mixer - Please come back.

This blog needs you!!!!!!

Now for everyone else. Lets step back and take a deep breath. Lets stop the personal attacks. Every one of us is wired differently and with that comes varied opinions. Yes, I know the temptations are there to "attack" because of anonymous nature that exists. But darn it, lets try remain above it all. Me included.

What was happening at Shiloh Mobile Home park tonight?

About 9:00 tonight SEVERAL police cars with lights flashing headed into the neighborhood behind Publix. 2 or 3 were stopped in front of the Nail Salon next to Publix.

This is so shameful. A WWII veteran froze to death..

because a Michigan power company restricted his electricity usage because of an overdue bill. What the %^#%@$^&*. We owe that generation so much and this happens. I haven't been this mad since "$" disrespected our troops.

Where did the story go?

Why has the story about the Peachtree City Magagers suggested budget cuts that will be discussed at this weeks meeting d

Where are Frank Fulton, Barry McWilliams and others I knew?

Trying to find some ole buddies of mine from back in the late 60's and early 70's.

Update on Wulfman please.

I have been out of the loop and almost afraid to ask What is the status of our dear friend, Wulfman? Last I read he was on life-support but his wife felt he had a chance.

Jobs, where are they?

I currently live in Minnesota. I would very much like to move to Georgia, Fayetteville or Peachtree City to be exact.
Here in Minnesota, they cut over 7,900 jobs last month! The determanation is that it will take anyone at least a year to find a job, any job. We both have no jobs and currently have to get assistance from our county. (yes that dreaded word, welfare). It is hard. I used to have a very well paying job, I could pay all the bills and have extra money for us to shop and go out to eat. Now, we are scraping by.

Business as Usual

On the way home this afternoon I thought that this would be a great time to have a pint. I pulled into the new Irish Bred Pub and observed the following message on their Guinness sign:

A gem of an idea:

Now you can have the carbon from a departed loved one turned into a diamond:

Hey wulfman!!!

We are all thinking about you!!!!!!!

Hwy 54 was closed Saturday night around 8:20

Traffic was being detoured through Old Norton rd, but I didnt see a wreck or anything. The weather was Bad, so I was guessing it was related.

Lighter fare:

Any inference to the current political scene is purely unintentional:

Lets take a little nostalgic trip....

back to the early 1950's when commercial air travel was in its post WWII build-up. Here's a couple of videos featuring Arthur Godfrey - yes he was a pilot - and an Eastern Airlines' Super Connie - Lockheed Constellation - L1049.

Extreme Makeover and Foreclosure and a Family in Need

I sure hope that these losers don't benefit from the foreclosure bailout bill that just passed.


I just want to let you know that several of us are thinking about you.

NTSB Truck Crash Investigation

I ran across this investigation conducted by the National Transportation Safety Board. I'm not anti-trucker but I'm against those that drive while fatigued.

Enjoy this Independence Day and

being with family and friends. Please be safe during your travels.

Spalding County Drivers - GO HOME!

I have lived about a mile south of Woolsey for nearly my entire life. The drivers of Spalding county have earned a reputation with family, friends, and random observant people.

Evander Holyfield - Is broke....

and can't pay his child support - 11 known children thus far.

Evander Holyfield

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