The Fayette Citizen-Special Sections
Friday, October 29, 1999


Council elections set for Tuesday

Two seats on the City Council of Peachtree City will be up for grabs Tuesday when voters go to the polls to cast their ballots for Post 1 and Post 2.

Dirty campaign tactics alleged

As the pace picks up in the final week of the City Council campaign, charges of dirty tricks are flying back and forth over the use of a telephone survey on behalf of one of the candidates.

Design group chosen for police station

The City Council of Peachtree City at last week's regular monthly meeting unanimously approved a contractor for the design of its new police station.

Beautification committee plans site tour

The Peachtree City Beautification Committee is inviting the public and anyone interested in becoming a member to tour a couple of local sites tomorrow morning as the committee considers its future plans.

Towns buzzing with Halloween activities
With Halloween falling on a Sunday this year, your little ghosts and goblins will have three days to celebrate the holiday. There are dozens of Halloween activities for children of all ages and interests to enjoy this weekend, many of them costing nothing.

Council candidates speak out one last time

Police revise standard media policy

The Peachtree City Police Department has recently updated its standard operating procedure for dealing with the distribution of information to the media, but the changes are relatively minor, according to a department spokesman.

Commuter trains could be chugging down the tracks soon to Senoia

Senoia might soon be reliving its historic past as a railroad town, if the Atlanta Regional Commission's transportation plan comes to fruition.

Natural gas marketer goes into bankruptcy

Residents may have been shocked this week to learn that Coweta-Fayette EMC's natural gas marketer, Peachtree Natural Gas, went into Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

New director named at Chamber

One of Senoia's leading citizens will usher in the millennium as the head of the Newnan-Coweta Chamber Commerce.

Senoia turns down grant for cops

The city of Senoia has decided to pass on a potential grant that could have brought two more policeman on the streets.

Convention center still under consideration
Newnan officials recently got a better idea of what the public wants to see in a proposed convention center for the county.

More than 2,000 brave elements to attend EMC meeting

Rain didn't dampen the spirits of approximately 2,000 people who showed up at Coweta-Fayette EMC's annual meeting.

Management class offered at Chamber

The Newnan-Coweta Chamber of Commerce and the Division of Continuing Education/Public Services at the State University of West Georgia is offering a new management series in Coweta County this fall.

County's 911 handles more than 9,000calls

September proved to be a very busy month for Coweta County 911


Lady Cannons visit Clemson, write to and honor Mia Hamm

The 90 Lady Cannons, an Athena Division soccer team composed of 11 girls from Newnan, were recently invited to a Clemson University Lady Tigers soccer game. The Lady Cannons were special guests of the team as Clemson took on the second-ranked Lady Cornhuskers of Nebraska.

Panthers and Patriots battle for bragging rights, playoffs

If you were at last year's football game between Starr's Mill and Sandy Creek, you'd know why it is important that you don't miss this year's match.

Chiefs champions of area, falter in state sectionals

The McIntosh Chiefs volleyball team recently traveled to the home of their rivals, the Fayette County Tigers, for the AAAA Area 2 Championship Tournament.


A suggestion on whom NOT to vote for in PTC

Until Wednesday afternoon, I had not intended to occupy this space or have any comment on the Peachtree City Council races next Tuesday. That was before a telephone call to me from one of the three candidates for the open seat.


Candidate Perlman ignored PTC tree-save rules at his new office

It was President Lyndon B. Johnson who said, “You know, doing what is right is easy. The problem is knowing what is right” (“The Johnson Years: The Difference He Made” by R.L. Hardesty, p.181).

Why Perlman's motivations are questionable

It is an unfortunate sign of the times, but most Americans tend to question the motivations of those running for political office. While we all hope the candidate's only goal is to serve as the best representative of their constituents, there are many times when we question where the candidate's loyalties really lie.

Perlman faxes statement

The major challenge facing Peachtree City is protecting our neighborhoods and our quality of life. The major issue in this campaign, however, is trust. Who can you trust to protect our Peachtree City neighborhoods from overdevelopment? I am the only candidate for Peachtree City Council who has refused to take political contributions from Peachtree City developers. In his last campaign, Dan Tennant's largest political contribution came from John Proffitt, a Peachtree City developer. In this campaign, Chuck Lehman's largest political contributions have come from Bob Adams Homes, a developer who is currently seeking a rezoning from the city council.

Candidates' supporters extol their virtures, criticize opponents

For Perlman...

I see the election as a chance for Peachtree City's Council to have a new face. Council members who interact, listen, and are effective. I disagree that we should elect someone who has nothing better to do or a person who has served on the council for two terms and has been ineffective in obtaining support for her position.

For Perlman...

In a recent issue of your newspaper, you allowed a candidate for City Council in Peachtree City to express his displeasure that another candidate had the resources available to do some simple polling to see how voters really stood on the issue of developers.

For Lehman...

This year's political campaign has been very interesting and I have made a point to follow all the candidate's platforms very closely.

For Lehman...

On Nov. 2, I will be voting for Chuck Lehman for City Councilman, Post 2, based on his question and answer interview in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

For McMenamin..

Integrity, perseverance and awareness are qualities we all look for today when we are voting. Add to these compassion and a true interest in Peachtree City residents and you come up with a councilwoman whose name is Annie McMenamin.

For McMenamin..

Today, we often question whether we should even bother to vote. I write this letter urging everyone eligible to take the time to vote, then urging each one even more to cherish that vote enough to make it worthwhile. We disdain politicians and look down on them and their motivation because we have put in office individuals who should not have been representing us. It is our own fault.

Mayor's Don't vote, don't ask' policy is the height or arrogance

Here is my reply to Mayor Lenox.

Mayor just trying to wake up nodding voters

Re: “Mayor Bob” editorial [The Citizen, Oct. 20]: The editorial doesn't speak well of the news media.

Columnist should examine her own prejudices

Perhaps Ms. Satterthwaite falls prey to her personal prejudice in the midst of an earnest attempt to combat what she perceives as exclusivism. In her recent column Ms. Satterthwaite takes offense at words used by a candidate for Peachtree City Council who she leaves unnamed, but easily identifiable.

Columnist presumptuous to categorize minorities

Having read and been flabbergasted by “Angry Sallie” Satterthwaite's opinion piece about one unnamed candidate for Peachtree City Council [The Citizen, Oct. 13], I just had to respond. Please forward this letter to her.