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5 years 51 weeksPalmetto man charged in $1 million copper heistBen Nelms0
5 years 51 weeksOLM boys and Landmark girls win state cross country titlesMichael Boylan0
5 years 51 weeksIncumbents are tossed aside in South FultonBen Nelms0
5 years 51 weeksFlat Rock gets a visit from Lieutenant General HonoreThe Citizen0
5 years 51 weeksFlat Rock gets a visit from Lieutenant General HonoreThe Citizen0
5 years 51 weeksBond denied for student who texted threatJohn Munford0
5 years 51 weeksSupreme Court backs Fairburn in personnel disputeBen Nelms0
5 years 51 weeksMore development headed for OakleyBen Nelms0
5 years 51 weeksA SPORTING CHANCE!GA Red Bug0
5 years 51 weeksDrug bust occurs at restaurant bathroomThe Citizen0
5 years 51 weeksRegion 2-AAAA sweeps top four spots in state cheerleading competitionMichael Boylan0
5 years 51 weeksGREATEST tax plan unveiled by newly announced candidate Mapleleafmapleleaf2
5 years 51 weeks"The Black Gash of Shame" 25 years laterSniffles0
5 years 51 weeksFinding Your Folks: … and the Dormans fell from heavenJudy Fowler Kilgore1
5 years 52 weeksThe Citizen Sports Blitz - Saturday, Nov. 10, 2007Michael Boylan4
5 years 52 weeksCandidates who should — and who shouldn’t — be electedCal Beverly39
5 years 52 weeksCouncilman Harman has a very flawed characterJones0
5 years 52 weeksPTC wants more info on trash franchiseThe Citizen4
5 years 52 weeksPTC Briefs 1107The Citizen1
5 years 52 weeksState driver's licenses?Nitpickers3
5 years 52 weeksHouse arrest ordered in McIntosh MySpace threat caseThe Citizen4
5 years 52 weeksKOHL'S is on the PTC agenda for NOV. 15th! This developer has to be stopped!bad_ptc17
5 years 52 weeksFCHS Tigers: Play Off Draw Bad as it Gets?GA Red Bug15
5 years 52 weeksAbout local students posting guns, drugs and alcohol messages on MySpace:The Citizen2
6 years 3 hoursBanks and Sub-prime (crooked) loansd.smith7001
6 years 6 hoursQualifying time set for December 18 special electionJohn Munford19
6 years 7 hoursClose enough for government work!d.smith7000
6 years 14 hoursNever forget, as we owe so much to them!!! Nov. 11Cyclist1
6 years 14 hoursGit Real...take a breathThe Best of PTC3
6 years 17 hoursFootball scores - 11/9/2007Michael Boylan2