State driver's licenses?

We screw around for scores of years and deliberately let millions of illegals into the United States, and now we start nitpicking! How about that, a pun!
We actually want most of them to drive legally---we need the income from the fees and it means they may have insurance. But, a politician can't say that apparently!
We will treat their babies at emergency rooms to keep them from dying or suffering, and even the adults if they really are ill, but we resent doing so.
We should release them from their bondage, since we let them in, and allow them to continue the work they are doing anyway=-- and also pay taxes on the work.
The only other logical thing to do is to gather them all up and return them to wherever they originated, or put them in interment camps like we do our prisoners.
But if we don't enforce the border then they will then return and the whole thing starts over!
We could invade Mexico (where most originate) and set up a democracy there to stop the penetration from Mexico to the US, but we don't have enough troops to occupy even Mexico City! We better take a lot of food too!
I think all this is the fault of the Spanish and the Vatican for leaving this place south of us in such a mess!
Give them a driver's license for goodness sake! If you don't, you will be paying laborer's $20.00 per hour plus overtime, soon. And Teamsters $40.00 per hour!
I think every state now uses a different criteria to issue a license to a non-social security card holder: like a gas bill or a power bill, maybe.
Isn't that cute?

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Submitted by Nitpickers on Sun, 11/11/2007 - 3:43pm.

How about Italians?
I kinda worry about Paiutes, myself!
Japanese don't bother me as much as they used to do.
I like Chinese food (cooked here).
Sometimes Mexicans are hard to distinguish from Spanish people, for me.
Hawaiians sometimes resemble Japanese. Hawaii is full of them.
New Orleans has some strange looking people also---look French/Indian sometimes!
The Scots/Irish are the worst, I hear---hard drinkers.
Maybe we need a forehead brand?

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Submitted by Cyclist on Sat, 11/10/2007 - 8:07pm.

drought and the decline in the real estate market will cause a few to leave the area. Unfortunately, they will not head back home as economic conditions are worse there. Our national government is not too terribly concerned otherwise our borders would be secured.
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