PTC Briefs 1107

Thu, 11/08/2007 - 4:33pm
By: The Citizen

Fireworks banned from city property

It is now illegal to set off fireworks on city-owned property.

An ordinance amendment to that affect was passed last week by the City Council. Fire Marshal John Dailey said the intent was to protect citizens at city parks and open areas in particular on the 4th of July.

Two years ago, people were shooting some fireworks off near the southern edge of Lake Peachtree on July 4 when some of the fireworks zoomed into the crowd waiting for the city’s annual fireworks display. Fortunately nobody was hurt.


Impact fee appeal process changed

Council also last week changed the appeal process for developers who want to challenge impact fee determinations made by city staff. The first appeal remains at the City Council level and the second appeal will now be in Fayette County Superior Court.

Previously the last level of appeal was arbitration.


Solutions sought for cart path crossing problems

City officials are still investigating possible solutions for cart path crossing problems on Peachtree Parkway at the Peninsula subdivision.

Residents have said that vehicles travel so fast and so frequent that crossing is difficult, especially in the morning for students driving their cart to McIntosh High School. Last week City Engineer David Borkowski said that traffic counts and speed studies in the area didn’t meet requirements for installing a full-fledged traffic light and there weren’t enough preventable accidents to require installation of a four-way stop.

Borkowski said he is going to recommend the city take several steps to make the crossing more visible. Other options include the use of a flashing beacon and perhaps rumble strips to remind motorists of the path crossing’s location.


New name for West Village?

A committee has recommended that the city’s West Village be renamed Wilksmoor.

The committee, led by former mayor Fred Brown, was charged with finding a name that reflected the Scottish theme of the city’s other four villages which also had some significance to the area.

The Wilks part of the name comes from one of the former property owners in the area and also from Wilkes Grove Baptist Church, a historical church which is still active in the area. Moor is Scottish for open land, peaty soil with heather and bracken.

The final decision will be made by the City Council at a future meeting.

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