Peachtree City as a good neighbor

Peachtree City has continued to evolve from its earliest conceptual plans, which envisioned a targeted build out of 80,000 people, to its present day population of 36,000 and reputation as one of the top ten most desirable places to live.


A very special thanks to the Senior Adult Council for Sunday's forum that offered a great opportunity to exchange ideas. The wealth of knowledge and experience that is possessed by the seniors of any community and especially ours is a resource that can not be over emphasized.
The concerns raised concerning ongoing and proposed development that moves Peachtree City away from the qualities that makes it a nationally rated top ten city for retirement have solidified my stance on holding the line with developers insuring they meet or exceed all variances as well as ordinances that make our city unique.
It should be the responsibility of our Planning Commision to insure that all requirements are met prior to elevating to City Council for final approval. Exceptions to codes or zoning should be just that,exceptions, not the norm.
Public safety within our city and especially on our golf cart paths need to be addressed now, not when the problems get out of hand. We need to increase the police presence where we know the problems are and not be merely reactive. We are blessed with a fine and most capable police department that I believe has yet to reach its potential.
In closing, I continue to ask for your vote on Novenber 6, so that together we can keep Peachtree City the place we love to call home.
Mike King Candidate for Council Post 2

Cart Path Issue resolution

Fellow Citizens

We must have safety and security on our golf cart paths. All the time we are reading stories in the paper about graffiti, littering, robberies and harassment occurring on our cart paths. I have witnessed cars driving on these paths. These activities must stop and it is up to us to stop them. Reducing cart path crime and crime as a whole is on my agenda.


Last evening's withdrawal of the property abandonment issue relating to the Kohls development demonstrates that our City Council does listen to its citizens. Whether the vote would have been three to two or whatever, resident voices were finally heard and with the writing on the wall, the developer relented.
Make no mistake, however, this property will be developed as it is far too expensive to lay idle. That being said, can the Planning Commission show us a plan that adheres to the city's ordinance on big boxes-certainly. Holding resolute to the standards that are currently in place regarding the size of retail outlets, landscaping standards, and buffer restraints are but only the beginning of this process.

Political Essay

Having lived in our great city for more than twenty years, raised three children, and now nearing retirement from a second career, I threw my hat into the ring for the race to be elected to the City Council. I have done this with the knowledge that as as a relative unknown within the arena of local politics, my goal of attaining this seat and serving the citizens of Peachtree City would be an uphill climb.

PTC Candidate's forum

I have lived in Peachtree City for 15 years. Prior to that, I lived in East Point near the Airport for over 30 years. Up to the late 1970's, East Point was a wonderful place to raise kids - just like Peachtree City is today. I know first hand how things can change.

Looking to the Future

My candidacy is geared toward the future of Peachtree City. As your councilman one of my priorities will be working to protect and enhance the open space, natural buffers among developments, and the city owned greenbelts. One of the strategies I intend to employ to accomplish this goal is taking a proactive approach to redevelopment. The Council needs to establish policies that preserve the character not only of Peachtree City but of the existing neighborhoods. Additionally I will be strongly encouraging developers to exceed our current standards not merely meeting the minimums. This initial encouragement will be part of a larger goal of setting consistent criteria that defines the character of Peachtree City that will withstand legal challenges.

Changing Positions

After my comments on Tom O'Toole having a qualified position on being against sewer extensions outside of PTC, I notice he has edited his website and removed the qualifier regarding exception for environmental impacts. Now it reads '...unless there is a substantial verified benefit to the city.' Same meaning but in a hidden form.

Haddix on Redevelopment

I see the phrase 'Redevelopment' is becoming of concern, and justly so.

I have not used it because if someone is renovating existing property, that is not redevelopment, that is simply upgrading or replacing existing structures. We have Code and other mechanisms already in place to govern such. The use and neighborhood nature has already been established.

Haddix: Post 1 Voting

I believe I have clearly laid out my reason for running for the PTC Council, Post 1, agenda and how to get the job done. In fact far more clearly than my opponents.

Thank Citizen

I would like to thank The Citizen for this forum.

Don Haddix
Candidate for PTC Council, Post 1

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