Mon, 10/22/2007 - 10:24am
By: Mike King

A very special thanks to the Senior Adult Council for Sunday's forum that offered a great opportunity to exchange ideas. The wealth of knowledge and experience that is possessed by the seniors of any community and especially ours is a resource that can not be over emphasized.
The concerns raised concerning ongoing and proposed development that moves Peachtree City away from the qualities that makes it a nationally rated top ten city for retirement have solidified my stance on holding the line with developers insuring they meet or exceed all variances as well as ordinances that make our city unique.
It should be the responsibility of our Planning Commision to insure that all requirements are met prior to elevating to City Council for final approval. Exceptions to codes or zoning should be just that,exceptions, not the norm.
Public safety within our city and especially on our golf cart paths need to be addressed now, not when the problems get out of hand. We need to increase the police presence where we know the problems are and not be merely reactive. We are blessed with a fine and most capable police department that I believe has yet to reach its potential.
In closing, I continue to ask for your vote on Novenber 6, so that together we can keep Peachtree City the place we love to call home.
Mike King Candidate for Council Post 2

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Submitted by thebiggun on Sun, 10/28/2007 - 5:27pm.

Just a comment or two that I am sure you will deny. I have had numerous citizens tell me that you are running for 2 reasons:

First: You are going to be Logsdon's water boy. That's right, his lap dog to vote and do anything he wishes you to. Seems he does not have a 3 vote majority on city council so he is going to get a "good old boy" Colonel into the club. I have been told this by numerous people some to include your friends and golf buddies.

Second: You are running to settle some vendetta's you have with people in government. Seems going back some years you found it hard to accept anyone telling you what is going to happens rather then you telling them it is not. Hard for you to accept that you are not a Colonel any more with the power to just make bad things go away.

How sad of a person you must be. Even your friends and golf buddies are telling these tales so you must be careful who you are running your mouth to.

Anyone but King for council is a vote for professional government.

PS: More to come later before the election.

Mike King's picture
Submitted by Mike King on Mon, 10/29/2007 - 6:51pm.

You obviously are misinformed. Throughout both my careers I have proven myself a leader not a follower. Since announcing my candidacy I have been both specific and direct in my opposition to positions held by our mayor.
Regarding your insinuation of perhaps a "Colonel's" club, I consider myself fortunate to have served twenty-four years and do not regret it one moment, but almost fifteen years ago I elected to retire for family reasons and to this day, I believe that was the right decision for me and my family.
Regarding your second point, I confess that I have no idea as to what you are refering.
Mike King

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Submitted by yellowjax1212 on Sun, 10/28/2007 - 9:30pm.

You call Mr. King Sad?
Who is the sad one here?
You asked a question "Is it true Mr. King?" and then you proceed to insinuate the Mr. King is dishonest and/or running to settle some old score.Well sir, I don't know Mr. King personally. I have only met him at public forums. He seems like an honest man. A man who wants to serve.
And who are you? An anonymous screen name hinting at dishonest actions or at least bad intentions. And then you go on to show your spinelessness by threatening to release "more to come before the election". This is a small city council election and you want to throw mud like it is a congressional run.
Show me I'm wrong. Show me your spine. If you have something to say...say it. But I can tell you, right now all your showing me is something else...something located near the base of your spine.

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