Looking to the Future

Tue, 10/16/2007 - 12:01am
By: Thomas O-Toole

My candidacy is geared toward the future of Peachtree City. As your councilman one of my priorities will be working to protect and enhance the open space, natural buffers among developments, and the city owned greenbelts. One of the strategies I intend to employ to accomplish this goal is taking a proactive approach to redevelopment. The Council needs to establish policies that preserve the character not only of Peachtree City but of the existing neighborhoods. Additionally I will be strongly encouraging developers to exceed our current standards not merely meeting the minimums. This initial encouragement will be part of a larger goal of setting consistent criteria that defines the character of Peachtree City that will withstand legal challenges.

Residential redevelopment policies are needed as there is the possibility that as neighborhoods age and rentals increase the character and property values of a neighborhood can be negatively impacted. Firm policies and incentives for long term viability of the neighborhood is just responsible governing and makes good long term financial sense for the citizens and our city. In cases of rezoning requests the Council has the ability to reject requests that are not in line with the city’s land use plan and I will aggressively work with fellow Council members to uphold the land use and village step down zoning plan. I will also work to avoid increasing the population build out projections.

Other major topics in my opinion that need to be addressed to ensure the future success of Peachtree City include the need for increased support of public safety agencies, proactive traffic planning, making Council functions such as management oversight and budget creation more efficient. I have detailed my positions to include timelines for implementation. I am happy to discuss my views, positions, and plans to any citizen. If you have any questions please contact me. Finally I encourage all of my opponents to detail their important topics and their plans to address those concerns so that the citizens can make an intelligent decision on their desire for the future of our city.

I hope to earn your vote on November 6.

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