Political Essay

Thu, 10/18/2007 - 12:40pm
By: Mike King

Having lived in our great city for more than twenty years, raised three children, and now nearing retirement from a second career, I threw my hat into the ring for the race to be elected to the City Council. I have done this with the knowledge that as as a relative unknown within the arena of local politics, my goal of attaining this seat and serving the citizens of Peachtree City would be an uphill climb.

I have publicly stated my positions on certain issues facing our city. My platform of maintaining the best quality of life possible for Peachtree City includes governance that adheres to the city's master plan of a village concept. Big box department stores were not then, and are not now, part of that concept. Two of my opponents express no objection to the addition of a big box, Kohl's. I simply hold the opposite view. Growth within our city must be accomplished with a vigilant eye on today's actions and how those decisions will impact the future.

I strongly believe that our Council should be totally open in its proceedings, providing citizen input prior to any decision. If elected, I will respond timely to concerns from all residents of our town and will actively solicit input from all.

My military experience has provided a multitude of opportunities to work as a team member and a team leader. City government must work together for the overall good of all its citizens.

I ask for your vote this November, so together we can work to assure Peachtree City continues to be one of the finest places to live, work and play.

Mike King

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