Changing Positions

Thu, 10/11/2007 - 10:57am
By: Don Haddix

After my comments on Tom O'Toole having a qualified position on being against sewer extensions outside of PTC, I notice he has edited his website and removed the qualifier regarding exception for environmental impacts. Now it reads '...unless there is a substantial verified benefit to the city.' Same meaning but in a hidden form.

Tom O'Toole has jumped on the no tax increase bandwagon without having any possible factual way to know he can keep that promise.

Remember the last election and how that turned out?

He is promising a 'new' program for the cart paths and such that is nothing new at all, and will not fulfill his promises, as those efforts, already in use, have not to date.

It will take increased effort and resources to accomplish those goals. We will either deem the extra costs worth it and doable or not.

Mike Harman has changed his position from 8 years being for sewer extensions to being against.

He has muted his original support and desire to continue the development policies of the current Council to not talking about the current Council and saying he is does not like Big Boxes, but cannot legally stop them and is personally opposed to Kohl's while now being silent on whether he will vote against or for the sale of the road to enable Kohl's being built. Before he said he was probably for the sale.

I will not make any promise I do not know I can keep.

My positions were thought out before I ran for office. They are backed with solid reasons and facts. They are not and will not change to try to get votes, now, and then change them back later.

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the_assassin's picture
Submitted by the_assassin on Sun, 10/28/2007 - 7:41pm.

Sorry for the duplicates gang. I've put this question on a regular blog and I want to make sure Mr. Haddix sees them and answers them before much voting goes on.

Dear candidate Haddix:

Please read the following and let me know exactly how much REAL RESEARCH you've done on Sany coming to town.

Or, are you just jumping to conclusions?

Please answer as truthfully as you can.

Facts on Sany:

The WORST environmental thing Sany's going to do at this assembly plant is paint the trucks.

You don't need a calculator to do the cost analysis that Mr. Haddix says is lacking. VERY FEW police and ambulance calls go to industrial plants (though there is potential for a doozy ala the recent TDK warehouse fire). Chalk that up as LOW IMPACT on PUBLIC SAFETY.

Let's see. Nine residences. Can you say LOW IMPACT on RECREATION?

Those nine residences are unlikely to bring very few if any school children into the school system. LOW IMPACT on EDUCATION!

Also, Sany will only build concrete trucks et. al. via special order. It takes ONE WHOLE WEEK to build 1 truck. LOW IMPACT on TRAFFIC; up to medium once they employ more than 100 people or so.

Haddix alleges (albeit softly) that Sany WON'T hire folks from here. State development officials have said that's not the case. They're the experts in the field and have worked with Sany on this issue for months.

Candidate Haddix: How many people have you contacted to seek REAL information about Sany?

Likely the answer is none; at least he hasn't talked to anybody in the know.

Mr. Haddix: The land was ZONED industrial to begin with and yeah, you could've B&M'd enough as a councilman about that and maybe gotten two fools to vote with you. But even if elected, YOU CAN DO NOTHING TO STOP BUSINESSES FROM LOCATING TO APPROPRIATELY ZONED LAND as long as they follow local ordinances, as Sany apparently is.

I had previously thought Mr. Haddix was going to be another Steve Brown complaining all the time about this and that. I've decided however that Haddix is different in this respect: at least Brown bothered to do his homework.

PTC folks are on the whole a bright bunch and are willing to do their homework BEFORE applying for a job. Do you contend you've done your homework on Sany, Mr. Haddix?

Or are you trying to create an "enemy" to run against in your last gasp for office?

Submitted by Thomas OToole on Thu, 10/11/2007 - 11:34pm.

I am increasing surprised how often you jump to so many incorrect conclusions concerning my positions. I have made no statement "promising" no new taxes although I would like to go 4 years without any new tax or increase. I do pride myself on being financially conservative and do believe that any new program or action should be considered with regards to financial impact on the city. While that is a promise to treat the people's money with extreme care and ensure that we are spending it as wisely as possible it is not the promise that you have invented. My intent to implement a zero based budgeting method for the city budgetary process is evidence of my committment to fiscal and managerial responsibility.

Secondly, If you look closely you will see that on my website the original post(9-5-07) remains (Sewer section quoted below)

"Sewer Expansion - From a general standpoint this is an invitation for growth on our borders. It is clear to me that we should seek to control growth when we can and this lack of expansion is an easy way to assist in that effort. However, we do need to look at long term environmental issues and what long term impact on growth and the health of our water supply is possible if communities such as Tyrone build their own large sewage facilities. At this time I oppose all expansion efforts but we need to examine more closely what might be an unintended consequence of denying the expansion now."

Last week as part of updating my site I posted the exact words from my letter to the editor(10-3-07) which expanded my reasoning for not expanding sewer outside the city limits(using excess capacity for needs within the city). Finally in the final sentance after accusing me of changing positions you state "Same meaning" so please explain how I changed positions?

As a matter of respect for our citizens I will provide detail on the environmental citation that is in the quoted section above. Septic Tanks(especially older ones) can leak into water supplies and contaminate our drinking water. If the water supply for Peachtree City is being contaminated and that contamination can be corrected by sewer extension then as my website says we should consider that as an option but nowhere does it say automatically approve such as extension. I believe that protection and preservation of our water supply is important. Certainly there will probably be other options to explore as well but in my opinion it does not show common sense to just say no. You have made suggestions in other posts that developers could abuse this concern but in my Council role as a representative of the people the citizens would need to be convinced in addition to me that it was truly a health(environmental) concern and the best solution before I would vote for it.

So in light of this detailed explanation - What would you do if the water supply of Peachtree City was threatened by contamination linked to septic tank leaking outside the city limits and one solution that could solve the problem was sewer extension?

I believe that Peachtree City residents are looking for someone who is willing to lead with Vision and Solutions. I believe that the residents of Peachtree City are intelligent and are able to differentiate between candidates when we discuss importnat issues. Your rephrasing of my ideas seem to be a bit off the mark as to my intentions. I encourage you to offer your solutions or alternatives to my plans instead of trying to rephrase them incorrectly.

I believe dialogue, Discussion, and truth is the hallmark of the democracy that we are fortunate enough to live in. I look forward to involving you and Mike Harmon in meaningful discussions so that the citizens are informed on our positions both those that are similar as well as those that are different.

Thomas J. O'Toole, Jr.
Peachtree City Council Post 1 Candidate
Vote November 6
Protecting the Promise of Peachtree City by
- Promoting Responsible Redevelopment
- Proactively Addressing Traffic Concerns
- Increasing support for Public Safety Agencies
- Promoting a Green and Connected City
- Maintaining the Unique Qualities of PTC

Don Haddix's picture
Submitted by Don Haddix on Fri, 10/12/2007 - 12:32am.


At the Rotary you said no tax increase. You would do it by creating more efficiency. I was shocked. Correct yourself if that is not what you meant.

PTC has heard that one before.

At the Rotary you said no connections outside of PTC. No qualifiers. That is a change and your clarification on sewer omitted all references to environmental. So yes, if a developer pushed development to the point of you perceiving it as an environmental hazard to PTC that would meet your exception standards. You so much as admitted that here.

I have spelled out my positions far more pointedly than you have, Tom. Please read my letters if you think otherwise.

As with development. At the Rotary you said you didn't need a moratorium because you knew what actions to take and was ready to take them immediately to defend the Comprehensive Plan. You were, no mention of the fact you need 3 votes to do anything plus work from staff and others.

Fact is the moratorium is required to give the time for all commission, staff and Council to gather, formulate and enact ordinances that give legal definition to the goals of the Comprehensive Plan and to make them legally binding on the developer, commissions and councils, present and future, and to give them weight of law to make them enforceable in court actions.

Your denial of the need of the moratorium and such is more of the same I have seen in PTC for 20 years, being personal opinion, group opinion and the changes of each opinion with every change of personnel making the process arbitrary with the developers winning far too often.

My positions are very well thought out, spelled out and firm. With respect, Tom, yours are not. Your list of goals are principles and goals, not how you will get there. Holding study groups to come up with a plan is not an answer voters want to hear. We have heard that before in PTC.

Being your first election cycle here, I am aware you have not.

We need a firm plan spelled out. The tools are out there in other cities and legally working. We need to gather them in and make them ours as well.

That is a plan, Tom, with respect.

Don Haddix
Candidate for PTC Council, Post 1

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Fri, 10/12/2007 - 11:51am.

This sounds like what you are best at. IF I was you, I would tone it down.

nuk's picture
Submitted by nuk on Tue, 10/16/2007 - 12:38pm.

It's tedious to see him attacking the "competition" and acting juvenile.


Submitted by new2ptc on Fri, 10/12/2007 - 12:07pm.

I agree Dawg. Don made his statement and Tom replied. Anything else is bickering and I don't care how much you knows about the issues. I will not vote for you if you don't know when enough is enough.

mudcat's picture
Submitted by mudcat on Sat, 10/13/2007 - 4:32am.

There should also be a ban on boring drivil that no one cares anything about.

Don Haddix's picture
Submitted by Don Haddix on Fri, 10/12/2007 - 11:47am.

Sorry, Tom, it was late and I missed answering your question.

I would call in the County Health Department to deal with it, as you are suppose to do in these situations. They, in turn, would enforce law and/or call in agencies of the County, State and Federal governments, as appropriate.

Ground water contamination can travel for miles. So, by your reasoning, we would extend service to all areas, Fayette and Coweta, that threaten us?

Your position sets PTC up for environmental blackmail and assigns responsibilities to PTC that it neither has, wants or needs.

I have already dealt with three environmental issues successfully in the past. One, with PTC, to change a detention pond from a clear cut, heavy maintenance issue, to a wooded and almost zero maintenance pond that is ecologically friendly and visually pleasant. The second, as an HOA President, where I called in the County Health Department to eliminate an outdoor issue an owner refused to correct and was not under PTC jurisdiction. And the third, as HOA President, working with a Stormwater engineer on the drainage basin plans from the Aberdeen Shopping Center to Lake.

With all respect, Tom, you are making policy and action statements about sewer and development not based on knowledge of legal and other realities.

Don Haddix
Candidate for PTC Council, Post 1

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