wildcat: new math, new diploma, new salary schedule

New diploma, new math and now a new salary schedule.

I’m afraid that this new diploma and new math curriculum have doomed a population of our kids. If they have to pass Math I, II, and III, I fear they will not ever be able to graduate. I understand why it came about and I understand why there is only one diploma track (law suits), but I still hate it and find it unfair to my kids. I can teach them the math skills they need to pass the graduation test. I can teach them the math skills they need to be mathematically functional in today’s world. But this new math curriculum.....I may as well be speaking Greek to them. When they ask me when they are ever going to use it my reply is always the same...to graduate from high school. They will not use it to balance their checkbooks or budget their grocery money. I teach the math I’m told to teach and my sweet little kids sit there and take it. I measure progress in teaspoons, not leaps and bounds.

wildcat: sweet smell in PTC

There is some plant that grows along Robinson Rd (between the Parkway and Redwine) that has the most wonderful fragrance.

wildcat: jackass on cart path

You know if I wasn't such a good Girl Scout leader I would have yelled exactly what I was thinking about your sorry, piece of crap, loser, butt.

wildcat: Fayette Fiddlers

Does anybody know of a group of fiddle players in the county? That are, maybe, called The Fayette Fiddlers? I did a search but it yielded only a violin and parts store in PTC.

wildcat: Incident at Kohls

Today, at Kohls in the Pavilion, I was overcharged by $85 and some change. I thought, perhaps, that I had rounded and added incorrectly while shopping.

wildcat: Looking for Mysteryman

I have some Flint River/canoeing questions for you? Will you please e-mail me if you read this? Or respond on the blog?

wildcat: Square dancers?

Are there any square dancing clubs around here? Thanks.

wildcat: Need Hutch

Hey...I need some a/c work. If you (side job) or your company is available please send me an e-mail. Thanks.

wildcat: David's Mom/Josh White

I just ordered one of his cds for my dad's birthday and thought of you..weird..huh? Do you listen to Josh White? Maybe it was Silicosis Blues that made me think of you..you're from CA, right? Anyway...I think it's a little crazy that the image of a blogger I've never met popped into my mind while ordering a cd!!

wildcat: Veterans lob cabin

Does anybody have any contact information regarding the old flags at the log cabin? You know..you put them in that mailbox that sits out front? I need an old flag for a GS flag retiring ceremony.

wildcat: Congratulations WHS wrestlers!!!

Good job guys and coaches!!!

wildcat: Veteran's tree

I had to drive into Fayetteville this weekend and drove past the log cabin...the tree is beautiful!! Great job to the decorator(s)!

wildcat: portable toilet

I'm looking to rent one for a Girl Scout thing....does anybody know anything about renting one (or two) and/or a reputable company to contact?

wildcat: Alzheimer's Disease

Has anyone had to deal with this? What should I do right now? Record family history? Ask important questions? Would that be a rude thing to do? This particular case seems to be moving at a rapid pace.

wildcat: Parents of freshmen...

Now that we are a month into school, what are your opinions of the new math? What do you like and not like about it? Tha

wildcat: Need a bed extender

Does anyone know where I can find one? Locally? I found one at Harbor Freight (online) but don't have the time, or gas money, to drive to Macon to get it. I found another one at some truck place in Jonesboro but they wanted $159 and the same thing at Harbor Freight is $29. I really don't want to pay the extra. If I don't find one I have to choose between taking my kayak or taking luggage (for six). Guess which will go? ha ha

wildcat: Hey Susieq

Are you with the new candy/ice cream shop that is going to open soon? If so....give us the details! A bunch of us are quite excited about it!!

wildcat: request of parents

Those loud horns (foghorns??) that you all blow during graduation.....we know that you're excited when you hear your child's name being called, but sometimes, when you extend "the blowing" we can't hear the next child's name being announced! That's not really fair to that particular student or their family. So, keep that in mind for next year. A short toot is fine and dandy, but the long ones have to stop!

wildcat: CRCT

Why do some parents know their child's score(s) and others don't? Shouldn't this information be released to all parents at the same time? Not that the scores really matter; the 8th graders will go to high school regardless of the scores they make.

wildcat: Seabase/Keys

I'm going the first week of June...anyone out there ever been? What are the dorms really like? We're doing the fishing trip, so we're staying on the site, supposedly with a/c and showers!

wildcat: Fox in distress

Last week, early one morning, I awoke to an awful sound outside. I knew it wasn't a deer, rabbit, dog, or cat. I didn't know what it was.

wildcat: funeral information for Zack

Arrangements for Zack Gallaway are as follows:
There will be two viewings: Wednesday and Thursday evening from 5:00-8:00 at Mowell in Fayetteville. The funeral service will be on Friday at 2:00 at Mowell in Fayetteville. The burial will follow at the Brooks Cemetery. Immediately after the burial we will celebrate Zack’s life at the pavilion area of the Brook’s baseball field.

wildcat: For Sniffles

I watched your video clip the other day (truthsleuth speaking) and fell out of my seat laughing! I'm pretty sure that is what my students hear when I start talking about the different ways to factor trinomials!!

wildcat: Need recommendation

Has anybody had a room (sunroom, family room, etc) built onto their home recently? If so, will you please refer me to your contractor, or tell me what contractors to avoid? I would greatly appreciate it.

wildcat: Wilshire Pavillion incident

This morning I witnessed one of the employees of the parking lot/sidewalk cleaning crew being really rude and ugly to a Willshire Pavillion customer.

wildcat: Hutch...here's our friend

Did you dress like this too? ha ha ha


wildcat: Hilton Head

I haven't been in a few years (five to be exact) and it has really changed. It was kind of gross. People were not only drinking beer while in the ocean, but smoking and flicking their cigarette butts as well.

wildcat: Leibovitz exhibit

If you've not been to see it; it's really good. The celebrity pictures are great, but it is her other pictures that are truly moving.

wildcat: St. Hair/Newnan

I just wanted to warn those that may make an appointment at this establishment that they should double-check, prior to driving to Newnan, for verification of said appointment.

wildcat: Any AT hikers out there?

Is anybody hiking the AT in segments? Have you made it to (or past) Burke's Garden, VA? If so, I have some questions for you.

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