MacTheKnife: A sad day for you Fayette County homeowners and your kids as well.

Mark your calendars folks.

A failure to actively oppose the changes in your school system may have finally struck what I think might well be a fatal blow to Fayette County.

MacTheKnife: 50+ percent unemployment. I HOPE we CHANGE!

Okay you young liberals, are you ready to discover the joy of work, sacrifice, free enterprise and capitalism or do you want to continue supporting the pie in the sky socialists that will tell you anything and take your everything?

MacTheKnife: The Truth About The Number Of People Who Protested in Washington Saturday:

See actual time-lapse footage for yourself by clicking below:

Can you hear us now?

MacTheKnife: What is it with Democrats and paying their taxes?

Why is it that democrats want all of us to pay more and more in taxes and yet they can't even report their income or pay the taxes that they already owe. Is it a requirement to be a democrat that you have dodged your tax obligation or is that just a requirement to be an Obama Czar, cabinet member or Committee Chair?

MacTheKnife: Bill would allow OBAMA to take over the Internet.

Jay Rockefeller, yet another "friend of the common man" (Yea, of those Rockefellers) and typical liberal Democrat wants to let Obama take control of the Internet.

MacTheKnife: Say brother, can you spare any change?

I was looking at todays headlines and realized that the change that was promised has arrived and is still flowing like the honey buckets of southeast Asia.

MacTheKnife: Hey, Mr. Gore, we have a problem ....

Man made global warming is BS and the facts are starting to be too prolific to deny.

Sorry Al, but it looks like your carbon credit company is going the same direction as the democratic party.

MacTheKnife: The CDC said 43,771 cases of H1N1 influenza had been officially confirmed, with 302 deaths.

Is anyone else concerned that the lid has been put on information about the swine flu pandemic in this country?

Welcome to Government Control of Information

MacTheKnife: Budget deficit tops $1 trillion for first time

MacTheKnife: We live in a special place.

MacTheKnife: Welcome to the plantation.

MacTheKnife: Jimmy Carter avoids assassination attempt ...

Hamas security discovers bombs they believe were planted by a splinter group associated with Al-Qaida in the area Jimmy Carter traveled while visiting. Hamas says the believe they thwarted an assassination attempt while Carter was there trying to broker deal with/for Hamas.

MacTheKnife: Bad news for liberals.

MacTheKnife: Democrat Durbin Does Dirty Deeds ....

Well, it seems that another member of the democratic congress is padding their personal account with the inside information received in their official capacity courtesy of the U.S. Taxpayer (You and Me folks).

MacTheKnife: Joe Biden apologizing for the "Stimulus Package" failure ...

"Everyone guessed wrong at the time the estimate was made about what the state of the economy was at the moment this was passed."

MacTheKnife: Did you know?

I guess those darn North Koreans aren't getting the message from Newsweek and the White House Press Corp.

"Obama is like a God."

MacTheKnife: MSNBC discovered Obama uses a teleprompter.

It's only a matter if time until the press discovers that the king has no clothes.

The Teleprompter in Chief

MacTheKnife: The Best of the Worst

Well, the wonderful democratic speaker of the house has finally done it.

It seems that Dick Cheney has a higher approval rating than Nancy Pelosi.

MacTheKnife: Here a Czar, there a Czar, everywhere a Czar Czar ...

Old Obama had a Czar, ee I ee I oh.

How many Czars do you think we have now? Would you believe 14? Some reports say there are as many as 20. I do know it is at least 14 because I can name 14 of them.

MacTheKnife: If you raise it ...... they will leave. (Taxes that is.)

What is it about this concept that liberals just don't get?

If you raise taxes to an unfair level, business (and the wealthy) will simply leave.

MacTheKnife: My Fellow Muslim Nation Members ... Comrade Obama

Sniffles and diva may have missed this little blurb on the liberal love fest we call 'news' in our little Muslim enclave:

MacTheKnife: Bernanke Warns Deficits Threaten Financial Stability

MacTheKnife: Change you can believe in!

Here are a few of today's headlines:

Obama: USA 'one of the largest Muslim countries in the world'...


MacTheKnife: I want my stocks for GM, AGI, Chrysler, the banks and the others we bailed all out.

It was our money so where is our stock?

Demand it - call your representative and say you want it.

MacTheKnife: Black Panthers courted by Obama's justice department.

Wow. I hope this bothers the hell out of every single one of you who read this, black, white, yellow, or other.

What voter intimidation?

MacTheKnife: Is that humble pie on your face?

After so many liberals (especially here) have lambasted the concept of a fair tax a VAT or a national sales tax it may be time for some humble pie.

MacTheKnife: “Out of the loop” Joe Biden says decision to shut Guantanamo was “like opening Pandora’s Box”

The gift that just keeps on giving (if you are a conservative). Yea, great first decision King Hussein.

Say it ain't so, Joe!

MacTheKnife: Obama TV? Yes they did, yes they did, yes they did ...

Okay. We have Obama banks, Obama insurance, Obama motors, Obama healthcare on the way and now the last domino falls, we have Obama TV....

MacTheKnife: Obama: Sobbing Kindergarteners Snubbed for Steelers?

MacTheKnife: Are we stimulated yet?

The total number of people collecting unemployment benefits rose to more than 6.5 million, a record reading for a 16th straight week, and a sign companies are still not hiring.

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