Did you know?

I guess those darn North Koreans aren't getting the message from Newsweek and the White House Press Corp.

"Obama is like a God."

What's wrong with you people over there? Are you not hearing Obama? Two Americans are now being held, missiles are flying around like the Obama's on date night ... I mean come on.... what is the teleprompter in chief doing about it? Oh well, I'm sure the U.N. will take care of it.

Hey, an American soldier was killed on American soil by a Muslim radical last week too ... and another seriously injured...and he had more guns, bombs and plans for more killing and destruction .... so the Obama justice department has opened an investigation to see if he was linked to any organizations that can also be broken up and prosecuted ... What? Oh. Okay, sorry you guys, my mistake ... that wasn't him the justice department investigation was for, it is the nutball white guy that killed the abortion doctor (Dr. Killer) they opened the investigation for. Again, not not the Muslim that killed the Soldier here in America outside of a recruiter office. What was I thinking?

Anyway, Obama is in the middle east quoting the Koran and the bible and liberals have completely forgotten about their intrinsic disdain for politicians who espouse religion ... after all, it is the chosen one. The teleprompter in chief no less. I haven't heard anything about the separation of church and state lately... did Obama change that little Constitution thingy while we were out working, job hunting or chanting? Oh Bah Ma Oh Bah Ma Oh Bah Mah .... who knows. (I wonder if any liberal Jews are bemoaning their vote for Obama yet?)

Oh, back home here, the blessed one's stimulus package of $767,000,000 you know - the one that was so important that it had to be signed before it could even be read? That one. Well, anyway, that stimulus package (that then sat ion his desk for four days after it was signed by congress), isn't working so well and unemployment is much higher than Obama promised it would be. Oops.

Obama promised with his stimulus bill unemployment would peak at 8% ... what ... it's already at 9.4% and still rising. Shhhhhh... do what the Whitehouse Press Corps does ...

Don't ask don't tell!

At any rate, his new plan is to more of the same only faster. That's encouraging.

Speaking of unemployment, even though over 3 million people have lost their jobs since King Hussein took over the country (and I do mean TOOK OVER the country), he claims he has "...saved 150,00 jobs". Whose Jobs Oh worshipful teleprompter? ACORNS no doubt.

There is no way to prove it... that he saved jobs I mean... or disprove it...he just 'knows it'. That's good enough for me! Besides, it must be right - he read it on the teleprompter.

And this little tidbit came out yesterday from Obama: "the recession is much worse than we (he) thought it was..." Hold the phone... really? Well, has it gottem worse in the last 6 months? YES.... in all aspects and especially in jobs and the national debt. And then this little epiphany: "...the stimulus is not having the predicted (huh), desired effects".

No kidding Obama.... what a flash of genius there bucko.

(That's about as big a news flash as Mrs. Couric finding out she has the lowest news rankings of all time for CBS. Maybe the new Pay Master Czar Super Hero guy should look at her pay. Heck, I can run CBS in the ditch for a fraction of her salary. Maybe she needs an MSNBC Chris Mathews type chill to go up her leg from the anointed one?

I digress.

Unemployment is at a 28 year high but the scary part are the dominoes yet to fall. Interest rates are rising. Inflation will follow. This will further damage the housing market and unless the housing market recovers there will be NO sustainable recovery.

Once all of you koolaid drinkers get past your deep seated media driven hatred for all things Republican, Bush, Palin, or Cheney, I strongly suggest you begin to look at what is happening to your country.

GM is too big to fail .... so we spent and spent and they are bankrupt anyway and for your money you will get nothing but a loan borrowed from China that you can hand your children to pay. Learn - educate yourself - become knowledgeable and get involved.

The United States of KKK as Obama's pastor liked to call it is rapidly becoming "Obama's Socialist Society of Affluent Government Officials". Yea, the OSSAGO.... Oh Sah Go, Oh Sah Go Oh Sah Go, Oh Sah Go Oh Sah Go, Oh Sah Go Oh Sah Go, Oh Sah Go ... has a familiar ring to it ... so, are you enjoying the change yet?

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S. Lindsey's picture
Submitted by S. Lindsey on Tue, 06/09/2009 - 9:20pm.

slinging facts around and using logic to conclude this admin is going down the tubes as fast as crap thru a goose..

""If you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world," Barrack Obama

I will not lower my standards.. So UP YOURS..Evil

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