Four Hundred Twenty Two (422) people signed the petition to replace Barry Amos and Valerie Fowler-Caldwell as Town Mgrs. It is being delivered to the new Town Council this week.


REHWALDT over SMOLA - No one likes Smola. Dirty Campaign Tricks sinks his ship.



Tyrone911: Stop putting up unauthorized campaign signs in Tyrone

I’m speaking to Smola, Nasianceno & Matthews. You do not have the permission of the owner Jeff Alexander. He owns all the way to the Road at 865 Senoia Road, where the Big Dawg fitness & Box Car Cafe are. It is not true that the right-of-way is public property. That’s only an easement for utilities, not a deed. This is trespassing. Mr. Alexander gave permission only to Rehwaldt, Young & Shenkle. Mr. Alexander has called some of you, but the signs keep reappearing, literally by the minute after he’s taken them down. Jeff has given permission to all supporters of Rehwaldt, Young & Shenkle to take down your signs and throw them in his dumpster. He does not want to vote for you because all three of you helped take away his land uses and refused him the right to rent to a religious organization this year. Talk about trashing religion; that’s what our government is doing! Look at permitted uses for downtown. Churches are not allowed. Call Jeff Alexander at 770 632-7729 to verify. All Jackasses who will deny this, take your chances on being arrested for trespassing. And Smola get your sign from in front of the Confederate Cemetery. You do not have the permission of those property owners. It is easy to understand why the Editor of the Citizen advises voting against you. Everyone should read Cal Beverly’s front page endorsement in this Wednesday 10-31-07 paper.


This week's repeated theft of Gordon Shenkle's signs adds votes, makes Shenkle the favorite in Council Post 2 race. A random 75 call telephone survey of Tyrone citizens, calling each letter in the Alphabet, shows an overwhelming disgust in dirty tricks politics. The citizens were asked, if you knew that a candidate for office in Tyrone was stealing his opponents signs, would you vote for his opponent? 39 said yes, 11 said maybe, 7 said no, 18 said I'm not voting. No names of candidates was mentioned. Statistically speaking its a 28 vote turn-around in favor of Shenkle.


Opponents of Gordon Shenkle are continuing to steal his signs. This illegal trespass and theft is a criminal offense. The Police have been notified.


Rehwaldt and Shenkle gain ground, Young drops slightly, Nasianceno virtually out of race.


1. News Articles by Smola, Sheryl Lee and Grace Caldwell hurt Smola.

Tyrone911: Questions at the Forum

It is absurd to think that the new candidates were given the forum questions while the government candidates were not. The questions brought up issues that have been around a long time.

Tyrone911: Tyrone Attorney Brad Sears Silences Council

If you or your loved one die and are buried in Tyrone and your grave is desecrated, do you want Barry Amos, the Council and their Lawyer Brad Sears to ignore burial laws and refuse to even discuss the issue? But that's exactly what Sears did when he had the cemetery issue removed from the Agenda and silenced the council.

Tyrone911: Tyrone Forum Emergency

Mark Darrow is the man who spoke at the Candidates Forum, and tried to trash Don Rehwaldt. He was recruited by Barry and Smola to smear a good citizen. Darrow is one of Barry's Boys having been appointed to represent Tyrone citizens in the Downtown Redevelopment Plan. Darrow is identified in the Comprehensive Plan as a major stakeholder representing Tyrone neighborhoods, institutions and districts. All stakeholders according to the plan are supposed to bring the town together in a "spirit of cooperation". What he actually did at the forum was trash Rehwaldt's constitutional rights to freedom of speech, freedom of religion and the constitutional provision of separation of Church and State. Darrow should be removed from the Comprehensive Planning Commission for violating Tyrone's Ethics Law. For Smola's part, the voters should reject him as not worthy of holding the Mayor's job. The Town Manager is supposed to be neutral in political elections and therefore, should be fired for operating outside of his duties.

Tyrone911: Smola at the Candidate's Forum

Mayoral candidate Michael smola confused other candidates when he said that a lawsuit about Ordinance 454 was going through the courts and depending on the outcome that the Town might be willing to review that ordinance.


A statistical analysis of the relative strengths of each Tyrone candidate for office shows the odds for success of each. The factors taken into account are as follows:

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