Tyrone Attorney Brad Sears Silences Council

If you or your loved one die and are buried in Tyrone and your grave is desecrated, do you want Barry Amos, the Council and their Lawyer Brad Sears to ignore burial laws and refuse to even discuss the issue? But that's exactly what Sears did when he had the cemetery issue removed from the Agenda and silenced the council. Amos and Smola control the Council through Brad Sears. Council Minutes are clear that when Sears was appointed in 2000 that the issue was a fight to retain existing Attorney John Mrosek. Mrosek himself told this writer that he and Barry often fought over legal issues when Mrosek gave an opinion contrary to Barry's. In fact Mrosek did not approve and sign Ordinance #341 which is the current zoning ordinance, and is now part of a lawsuit. Barry wanted Mrosek out and with the support of Smola, Letourneau, and Lee, got his way. Mrosek further said that the Town Atty's purpose is to represent the government and not the people. If that's true, then we taxpayers should not be paying the attorney's fees. Let us citizens demand that the new Council make a clean sweep of Town management by also appointing a new Town Atty in January 2008. Sears is no friend of the citizens, I can assure you. Councilwomen Furr & Caldwell did not have to follow Sears advice. They could have discussed the Cemetery issue anyway. The Town Attorney has no power to overrule an agenda item. That's one for "Ripley's, Believe It ot Not." Brad Sears is not elected; he is not the legislative, he is not the judiciary. Sears is just another employee. Get Rid of him!!!!

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Submitted by tnag on Sat, 10/20/2007 - 7:03pm.

No leadership they all talk a good game but do not back it up. Gracie and Gloria have done nothing but grandstand for there buddies at the Neighborhood Alliance. Mike smugs eveybody that does not agree with him,Tyrone does not have a good reputation in state political cirlcles, just a circus act. Sears should have been gone long time ago. Do not let me start with the bunch in the planning commission. That my freinds is a big mess, they have no clue.

Submitted by Tyrone911 on Sun, 10/21/2007 - 9:04pm.

Thanks Tnag for recognizing the harmful effects of Atty Brad Sears; and the clueless Planning Commission. Maybe the State, who has the power, should just void its grant of municipality to Tyrone on the basis that Tyrone is simply not capable of governing itself.

Submitted by Tyrone90210 on Sun, 10/21/2007 - 5:58pm.

I agree with you on the Brad Sears issue & the planning commission of Tyrone. However, I must respectfully disagree on Grace and Gloria. They are the only ones who have at least tried to make a difference but they are met with the NOLA SMOLA/BAD BARRY WALL of terror and silenced every time they try to do anything. I don't know anything about the Neighborhood alliance thing - what exactly do you mean or what is your "beef" with them?

Submitted by PROOF on Mon, 10/22/2007 - 1:04pm.

I think Tyrone should follow the example of neighboring cities and just fire the Tyrone town attorney Brad Sears. I overheard him call Barry Amos a "fool." While I agree with this statement it seems to indicate that while Sears will be Amos' puppet for the money Sears gets paid, he does not like Amos either!! What a horrible state of affairs.

The town council seems to only think in a retro-active manner. They will let an issue or problem continue until people are forced to file lawsuits. Why not a pro-active stance....when citizens make their concerns known to the town government, how about trying to do something that would prevent a lawsuit against the town?? These are the problems that continue and why the citizens are so mad at the town council and the town manager. Seems to me that the current administration does not really care about the citizens of Tyrone!!

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