Stop putting up unauthorized campaign signs in Tyrone

I’m speaking to Smola, Nasianceno & Matthews. You do not have the permission of the owner Jeff Alexander. He owns all the way to the Road at 865 Senoia Road, where the Big Dawg fitness & Box Car Cafe are. It is not true that the right-of-way is public property. That’s only an easement for utilities, not a deed. This is trespassing. Mr. Alexander gave permission only to Rehwaldt, Young & Shenkle. Mr. Alexander has called some of you, but the signs keep reappearing, literally by the minute after he’s taken them down. Jeff has given permission to all supporters of Rehwaldt, Young & Shenkle to take down your signs and throw them in his dumpster. He does not want to vote for you because all three of you helped take away his land uses and refused him the right to rent to a religious organization this year. Talk about trashing religion; that’s what our government is doing! Look at permitted uses for downtown. Churches are not allowed. Call Jeff Alexander at 770 632-7729 to verify. All Jackasses who will deny this, take your chances on being arrested for trespassing. And Smola get your sign from in front of the Confederate Cemetery. You do not have the permission of those property owners. It is easy to understand why the Editor of the Citizen advises voting against you. Everyone should read Cal Beverly’s front page endorsement in this Wednesday 10-31-07 paper.

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Submitted by sailer on Wed, 10/31/2007 - 3:56pm.

Go for it, Jeff Alexander!
The CITIZEN called it right today. Thank you, Cal Beverly! Tyrone is TIRED of Daddy Samola and his court of jesters! There are no rules that the jester Amos cannot change to fit.
Jeff, did you know there will be a religious organization at the Legacy Theatre which is right next to a bar? They changed the rules to fit their desires.
I enjoyed Samola's last essay in the CITIZEN today. He finally admitted these have been dark times in Tyrone. He said, "It's darkest before Don." I take that to mean HE even agrees Tyrone needs Rehwaldt. Samola has finally seen the light. I guess he too will be voting for Rehwaldt on November 6. So glad he has joined the crowd.

Submitted by Boo on Wed, 10/31/2007 - 6:13pm.

Its Halloween and the Citizens NewsPaper just spooked you today.

Read the front page of the Citizens to see what's behind Smola's mask.

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