Smola at the Candidate's Forum

Mayoral candidate Michael smola confused other candidates when he said that a lawsuit about Ordinance 454 was going through the courts and depending on the outcome that the Town might be willing to review that ordinance. Some new candidates thought that was a positive statement. The facts are that Smola had 7 months prior to the lawsuit to make a review but ignore three letters sent to him about it and voted to reject a settlement offer flat out without negotiation. If the Town loses the lawsuit, there will be no opportunity for review; Ordinance 454 will be void. All that will be left to review is the monetary damages caused by Ordinance 454. And every other property owner who has lost money over this ordinance will have a virtually undefeatable claim against the Town. If Smola is not elected, he'll be gone and won't have to account for not reviewing in the first place. I hope all the other candidates understand what a bad position they've been put in by our current negligent government?

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