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Wednesday, December 29, 1999


4 Fayette females shot dead; man held

Deputies answering a 911 call Tuesday morning uncovered perhaps the largest mass murder in Fayette County history, with four women fatally shot in a subdivision east of Fayetteville.

Y2K 'We're in good shape'

Various law enforcement and emergency services departments in Fayette County are preparing for possible Y2K-related situations over the final days of 1999, but normal activities on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day make it a busier-than-usual time for those departments no matter what the year

Y2K 'We're in good shape'

Church loads up Venezuelan relief

Mothers and daughters folded clothing, high school students shouldered crates of water and senior citizens sorted out cans and jars of food Monday, preparing a truck load of donations for Venezuelan flood victims.

Tyrone school adds 'faith formation' to academics

At Our Lady of Victory Catholic School on Kirkley Road north of Tyrone, art and symbolism are constant reminders that this is a Roman Catholic elementary school — the first, in fact, in Fayette County.

Trust fund set up for Duckworth family

Scott Duckworth of Fayetteville doted on his baby daughter, Kerrington Milan, family and friends say.

Chipper program for Christmas trees on tap for Jan. 8

Georgia Power Company has announced the return of its “Bring One for the Chipper” program, giving people a way to safely and cleanly dispose of old Christmas trees through recycling.

Emergency groups set public forum

Fayette County emergency agencies and industries will have a public forum next month aimed at reducing the risk to the public from industrial accidents.

Fayette jobless rate lowest in metro Atlanta

Fayette County continues to have the lowest unemployment rate in the 10-county metro Atlanta area, according to figures released last week by the Georgia Department of Labor.

Girl Scout cookie sale begins Dec. 31

Area Girl Scouts will begin taking orders for their annual cookie sale starting Friday, Dec. 31

Citizen columnist on CNN

Billy Murphy, regular humor columnist for The Citizen, will appear Jan. 3 on a CNN program examining changes in gender relationships over the last 100 years.

Metro Atlanta gyms pull together for the heart
It makes sense for fitness centers and gyms to support the American Heart Association. Without healthy hearts, these places of exercise would have no business. That is why the donation from the Gold's Gyms of Atlanta alliance, Georgia Fitness Legends, Inc. (GFL) was such a nice gesture.
Having a safe New Year
The holiday season can be one of the most festive and fun times of the year, but it is also one of the most dangerous.
Ensuring your child's healthy development
The Georgia Learning Resources System and the local school system are participating in a Child Find effort, looking for children who are in need of special education services.
Volunteering brings generations together
Fayette Community Hospital has 286 auxiliary volunteers, among them Barbara Davenport, her mother, Marilyn Sullivan and her daughter, Jessica Davenport.
Drinking and Driving is a lose-lose situation
Motor vehicle safety is a 20th century public health achievement that relies on the individual to make it work.

The Facts of Life
Child's Play

A reader wrote and asked me what was a child's ideal age for a parent to talk to her about sex
Power hints from Georgia Power
With the sting of cold weather already upon us, it's time to make sure that your home is energy efficient. Georgia Power encouragespeople to follow some simple energy conservation tips to help reduce those winter bills.
Pharmacies are ready for any Y2K disturbances
Georgia pharmacists are taking steps to alleviate the concerns of their patients regarding Y2K and potential problems with obtaining medications. As part of White House Council convened to study Y2K problems, a group of more than 90 representatives of the drug distribution system, including American Pharmaceutical Association (APhA) representatives, other professional health care associations, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, hospitals, insurers, and patient advocacy groups have met extensively and concluded that patients should have uninterrupted access to medications in the new year, provided they do not stockpile or hoard extraordinary quantities of medication.

Teams face top programs in state at tournament

Thirty-three teams gathered at McIntosh High School last week for the annual McIntosh Christmas Classic wrestling tournament.

Panthers start to gel in holiday tournament

Before the Gold City Tournament, the Starr's Mill boys basketball team had a record of 2-4.

Chiefs and Lady Chiefs split ar recent swim meets

The Chief and Lady Chief swimmers of McIntosh High School split their wins at two recent meets.


Traditions passed around world from generation to generation

When was the first year and when was the first new year
What does the year 2000 hold for us
On top of the many hats I wear at The Fayette Citizen, I, like the late Nostradamus, am also a prophet.
The best films of 1999
This year has been a good one for films.

Y2K any old time
Lifestyle Columnist

From news services: Air traffic controllers across New Zealand, unable to communicate with each other as a result of a computer glitch, scramble to locate scores of flights.

Gone With The Wind The Three-Day Premeire in Atlanta
Herb Bridges' latest book, “Gone With The Wind - The Three-Day Premiere in Atlanta,” is a photographic essay of the world premiere of the movie in December 1939.
Auld Lang Syne


Put me in the corner with Creflo
By Rev. Dr. John Hatcher
Religion Columnist

Let me say a word about the mighty Dollar. Creflo, that is. He's pastor of the largest church in the region, World Changers of College Park.

Senoia's Open Door Baptist presents The Perrys at January 6 Gospel Sing

Open Door Baptist Church in Senoia will present its first Gospel Sing of the new millennium on Thursday, Jan. 6, when it welcomes back The Perrys for another evening of Southern Gospel music.

Special Holiday Services

New Year's party for children planned at Inman United Methodist Church

Inman United Methodist Church is having a New Year's Millenium party for children up to fifth grade on Friday, Dec. 31 beginning at 11:15 a.m.

Religion Briefs

St. Gabriel's church planning activities for New Year's Eve

St. Gabriel's Catholic Church in Fayetteville will bring in the new year with a pot luck dinner and fellowship on Dec. 31, beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Fayetteville First Methodist plans luncheon, class for new members

New members who joined Fayetteville First United Methodist Church within the last six months are invited to a New Members class on Wednesday, Jan. 5 at 5:45 p.m. The group will meet in the gym for a Fellowship Dinner at 5:45 p.m., join others for Holy communion, then have an orientation class in room C270.


The jail question: It's an arresting issue

Dare I wade into this jail issue?

Do 'judgement' and Christmas mix?
Politically Speaking

In The Book of Common Prayer, the words of the prayer assigned for reading in services held on Christmas Day seem at first glance to have a disjointed sound to them.

I predict 2000
Laugh Lines
Time for me to make my predictions for the first year of the new millennium. Or, is it the last year of the old millennium?

Letters to the Editor

Has county considered alternatives to new jail?

Several [Fayette County] commissioners stated that if I had questions regarding the [proposed jail and judicial complex expansion] I should submit them in writing and they would be happy to reply. Following are seven questions respectfully submitted for a response from each commissioner.

America's problems are mostly problems of the heart

Praise God for community leaders like you who have the courage to stand up and call it like it is. There is nothing “politically correct” in your column, but you have spoken the truth like it needs to be told — the truth that Jesus Christ and the Word of God in the Bible have been proclaiming since the dawn of mankind.

Tax bills contain small error

It has been brought to our attention that there was a small glitch on the 1999 property tax bill. The error had absolutely nothing to do with the calculation of taxes due on taxable property for this year.

Avrit ethics case a test for free speech, unfettered ballot box

When Paul Revere took his famous midnight ride into Lexington, yelling “The British are coming, the British are coming,” no one heard him add, “This message provided by the Patriots' Committee for Independence, Samuel Adams, chairman, John Hancock, treasurer.”

Letter proves Fayetteville remains 'paranoid' about alcohol

I recently wrote a letter saying that I thought Fayetteville's alcohol laws were paranoid. I would like to thank Ms. Reagan for responding to my letter, proving the paranoid attitude about alcohol. She stated that I “seem to think revenue for the local government is more important than having dives serving drivers and minors.” This proves my contention that Fayetteville residents are paranoid about alcohol.

To keep government hones, keep on 'whining'

Finally, someone wants to argue for the “big boxes.” We need more debates on the vital issues that face our city. If the citizens fail to get involved, we can certainly expect to have these matters dictated to us by specific people on the Peachtree City Council.

With PTC rolling over, look for more big boxes

To the surprise of very few people, RAM Development won their appeal to the city council in Peachtree City and can now move ahead with the development of their first big-box store in Peachtree City. What was surprising is that our city officials presented the “case” for RAM's appeal, leaving no need for the developer to even have to speak on their own appeal's behalf. What a strange way of doing things.