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Wednesday, December 22, 1999


Holyfield' s pastor ordered jailed

A renowned local pastor was found in contempt of court Tuesday morning after his latest refusal to appear for a deposition in the Evander Holyfield divorce case.

Parents eye high church school costs

This is the second in a series of articles comparing Fayette County's public and private schools.

Home Depot approval hinges on DOT favor

It took four hours of discussions Thursday night, but the developers of a proposed Home Depot on the west side of Peachtree City got the go-ahead from the City Council over the objections of many residents in the area.

Governor's plan to cost local schools $4 million

Gov. Roy Barnes' proposal to revise the formula for state school funding grants could cost the Fayette County School District $4 million if passed, according to Dr. John DeCotis, Fayette school superintendent.

Thomas takes Fayetteville to court

Developer Stan Thomas has filed suit against the city of Fayetteville to get restaurant zoning restored on a 3.18-acre tract next to Fayette Pavilion.

'Village' zoning still being fine-tuned

Fayetteville officials are hoping that the dawn of 2000 will bring closure to a project that is expected to set the tone for the city's future

Ethics Commission cites anti-SPLOST action committee

Georgia's Ethics Commission Monday cited anti-sales tax advocate Carl Avrit for failure to identify his organization in phone messages last September, but chose not to levy a fine.

Fence question goes to council

Robert Holmes says he just wants to keep his dog in the backyard and thieves and vandals out.

County tree law ready for a vote

A new Fayette County ordinance designed to save more mature specimen trees from developers' bulldozers is pruned and ready for planting.

Apple Orchard passes next hurdle

Future residents of Apple Orchard, a 50-home subdivision planned on 20 acres just south of downtown Fayetteville, will be able to enjoy a small park, complete with a gazebo and a small waterfall, next to a lake on the property, plus an additional park at the center of the development.

Title I funding bypasses local schools

The Georgia Department of Education has released its list of schools receiving Title I funding, and the progress they have made in improving their performance levels.

Woman charged with forgery in check spree

A Riverdale woman faces 12 forgery charges in connection with an alleged check-writing spree at the Fayette Pavilion last winter.

Police blotter

Three enter guilty pleas

Three men pled guilty last week in Fayette County Superior Court and received probated sentences on unrelated offenses, according to court documents.

Brooks seeking cleaning service

The Brooks Town Council has put out a bid sheet for a contractor to clean the interior of Hardy Hall and the City Hall, as well as groundskeeping services.

Local fireman gets scholarship

Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services announced last week that Lt. Steve MacFall is the latest recipient of a $1,000 Metro Fire Chiefs Scholarship for his continuing college education.

Collins' equal compensation bill for friendly fire victims enacted

U.S. Rep. Mac Collins succeeded in securing compensation for the families of American personnel who were killed in a case of friendly fire over Iraq.

Hecht offers mentoring bill

State Sen. Greg Hecht has introduced proposed legislation to establish statewide voluntary mentoring programs in schools.


Shell buys Peachtree Natural Gas accounts

With winter's chill just around the corner, many residents are gathering firewood and breaking out the sweaters to ward off the chill.

Recognize, Reinforce and Reward the Right Behavior

It was Mark Twain who once said; “I can live for two months on a good compliment.”

Home Depot provides helping hand to the hospital

The Fayette Community Hospital (FCH) Auxiliary recently received a helpful hand from the Fayetteville Home Depot.

Nearly 45 million taking to the roads this holiday season

A near record 44.6 million Americans are expected to travel 100 miles or more from home during the Christmas-New Year's holiday season.


Panthers pound out another victory

Starr's Mill High School's wrestlers continued their winning pace over the weekend as they hosted the Starr's Mill Invitational and won it all.

Panthers and Tigers split on Friday

Starr's Mill met Fayette County for the second time this season last Friday and for the girls the results were pretty much the same.

Lightning showcases talents at Adidas soccer meet

Eighteen of the top U-17 boys soccer teams in the nation competed in the Adidas IV showcase in conjunction with the NCAA Men's Final Four in Charlotte, N.C.

Fayette Youth track looks toward successful year

Beginning this fall, the Fayette County Track Association Inc. has organized as a newly formed, independent track club, the Fayette Flames, for runners of all ages.

Clayton State to hold 5K for scholarships

There will be a 5K for H2K at CCSU on 2/12.

Sports Calendar


Christmas traditions have evolved from all over the world

Christmas, a holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, has endured and evolved over the last 2,000 years, spreading traditions around the world and creating the largest religious holiday in the world.
Stuff your family's stocking with great little gift ideas
The presents underneath the tree may draw most of the attention on Christmas morning, but the stocking stuffers are just as important
Theaters heat up during busy holiday film season
The kids have torn through all of their gifts underneath the tree and the big meal is long over. It is still very early in the day and it is not like you can go back to bed just yet, so why not go to the movies?

Proving the unprovable
Lifestyle Columnist

“Well! Don't you look spiffy? Who tied your bow for you?”



No matter how you look at it, or how you express it, Jesus Christ is behind Christmas
By Rev. Dr. John Hatcher
Religion Columnist

Let me shake you up a little and then settle you down a little as my way to say something significant about Christmas.


Bah humbug? Nah, Just a closer look
Precious Gems

Well, it's almost here. Another Christmas is upon us. I confess I am not ready. Having just gotten out of the hospital (again!) and suffering driving restrictions, I have just not been able to do any shopping at all. There is no Christmas tree in my living room and the usual decorations are still in their boxes in the “computer room/dog room/junk room.” (Doesn't everybody have one of those?) So, I will just have to “bah humbug!” another one and say, “well...maybe next year.”

Special Services

Christ Our Shepard Lutheran announces Christmas services

Christmas will be celebrated at Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran Church in four Christmas Eve services, beginning at 4:30 p.m. Friday afternoon. On Christmas morning, a worship service with Holy Communion will be celebrated at 10 a.m.

National Heights Baptist Church to have special services for the holidays

National Heights Baptist Church in Fayetteville has scheduled several special services for the holidays.

St. Andrews sets special services

St. Andrew's in-the-Pines Episcopal Churchwill have three special services of Holy Communion for the Feast of the Nativity.

First Christian Church of Tyrone plans music, communion for Christmas Eve

The community is invited to attend Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Services at the First Christian Church of Tyrone on Jenkins Road. Services will begin at 7 p.m. and will be preceded by a 30-minute prelude of Christmas music played by the church family's musicians.

Holy Trinity Catholic Church is seeking aid for Venezuelans

Holy Trinity Catholic Church is appealing to local residents for help in disaster-torn Venezuela.

Religion Briefs

St. Gabriel's Catholic Church plans community dinner, midnight Mass to usher in the year 2000

Pope John Paul II has declared the new year as Jubilee Year 2000 and the Catholic Church of St. Gabriel has a celebration of its own planned to bring in the millennium.

Bible Baptist Church in Newnan schedules 'Sword of the Lord' conference Jan. 2-4

Bible Baptist Church in Newnan will celebrate the new year with “Fresh Start Sunday,” Jan. 2, featuring a “Sword of the Lord” conference extending through Tuesday, Jan. 4. Guest speaker for three services will be Dr. Shelton Smith, noted author and editor of the international revival publication, “The Sword of the Lord.” Dr. Smith will speak on “Issues which 21st Century Christians Must Face,” during the Sunday school hour on Jan. 2, and will preach the sermon at the 11 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. services.

River's Edge Community Church will offer membership classes

River's Edge Community Church will offer a class in church membership, C.L.A.S.S. 101, Discovering Church Membership, the first in a series of classes known as Christian Life And Service Seminars, beginning Wednesday, Jan. 5 and continuing each Wednesday through Jan. 26.

Seniors share Christmas spirit at Catholic luncheon

In the spirit of Christmas, parishioners of St. Philip Benizi Catholic Church in Jonesboro sponsored lunch for over 100 senior citizens Wednesday, including Adult Protective Services (APS) clients of Clayton County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS).


In the year of our Lord 19 hundred and 99...

Many cultural commentators argue that the United States has entered the post-Christian era, and many applaud that transition as a desirable change in an increasingly multicultural society with diverse religious viewpoints.

No room at the inn? Look in your heart

To those of us who thought Christmas was too commercialized before, there's no doubt that the phenomenon has set a record in this last year of the 1900s.

Barnes likely to get his wish: more power
Politically Speaking

Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes is making up his “wish” list — and he is checking it twice — though he will not be getting the “gifts” he wants for Christmas.

Assault of batteries
Laugh Lines
Have you ever realized how many batteries per person in the United States there are?

Letters to the Editor

The most important things are Y2K compatible

With all the hype about Y2K compatibility I thought I would throw in my two cents; actually maybe it's closer to one cent.

Alcohol revenue not more important than tough laws

In the 12 years we have lived in Fayetteville, we have been elated that there is an alcohol law. In the letter Mr. Coursey wrote, he seems to think revenue for the local government is more important than having “dives” serving drivers and minors.

Where are the outraged parents in F'ville?

I am writing in support of the work of the Fayetteville Police Department in having the guts to stand up against the sale of alcohol to minors in Fayette County. Every Fayette County citizen should let his or her voice be heard in support of this outstanding work by law enforcement. Instead we hear the outcries of those who were busted in the sting operation.

Police should probe for illegal alcohol sales

It seems from following the articles and letters that the general public is not very supportive of the way the “sting” alcohol sale matter was handled by the police department and the city of Fayetteville.

McCurry Park firearms range still poses big threat to kids, neighborhood

Last spring I wrote several letters pointing out the hazards caused by the firearms range near McCurry Park. I said that it was too close to the playing fields, and that there was a danger of both stray bullets and overly loud noise. I have since exchanged letters with the County Administrator, [Bill] Beckett. He acknowledged that the range is a problem and agreed to look into options to relocate this facility. When the range was still open in September, I wrote him again, but received no response.

'Big box' decision should be blamed on past PTC councils' failure to plan

Well Peachtree City has its first “big box” — Home Depot. Unless the City Council takes measures to restrict the dimensions of these developments, we can expect to see the next big box next to Kroger on Peachtree Parkway since the site is not impacted by the traffic impact ordinance. God forbid that Lowe's also comes to town as part of their rivalry with Home Depot and we end up with 400,000 square feet of home improvement retail in Peachtree City.

Whiney PTC citizens, get over big box!

It is not the developers who are the spoiled brats. The developers purchased the land in good faith and as long as they develop the property within the zoning restrictions, they should have the right to do so.

We will regret losing control of Canal

It is with a great deal of concern that we should note the passing of the Panama Canal Dec. 14 from U.S. to Panamanian control. Of particular concern is that a Chinese corporation, Hutchison-Whampoa Ltd., who bribed Panamanian legislators to get the contract, will run Panama's port operations.