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3 years 38 weeksInformation on the DSM-IV changes being proposed, including the debate on PDD, Asperger's, and Autismtygerlili0
3 years 38 weeksStudents up 16%, school budget up 68%Ben Nelms3
3 years 38 weeksStaff wants PTC Council to require registration of all vacant homesJohn Munford2
3 years 38 weeksPTC briefs: bridge, tunnel project updatesThe Citizen6
3 years 38 weeksTrysts lead to PTC teen's arrestThe Citizen0
3 years 38 weeksPTC path closed due to sinkholeJohn Munford0
3 years 38 weeksScreened Porch Contractor?Main Stream5
3 years 38 weeksPTC police catch shoplifting suspectJohn Munford10
3 years 38 weeksF’ville post office installs safety fixes after robberyJohn Munford1
3 years 38 weeksTaxing history’s unlearned lessonsCal Thomas4
3 years 38 weeksBirthers, Truthers and other Left Progressive agendasS. Lindsey9
3 years 38 weeks3 F’ville IHOP parking lot robbers caught quicklyBen Nelms0
3 years 38 weeksFinal F’ville campaign contributors revealedBen Nelms0
3 years 38 weeksFayette County touts savings by hiring in-house attorneyJohn Munford0
3 years 38 weeksRep. Ramsey introduces test tampering bill after scandalsJohn Munford0
3 years 38 weeksF’ville Council OK’s 1st reading to change ruleBen Nelms0
3 years 38 weeksSome local history is in foreclosureCarolyn Cary0
3 years 38 weeksGeneral Assembly going for smoke and mirrors to fix budget woesThe Citizen0
3 years 38 weeksComforts of simple thingsRonda Rich0
3 years 38 weeksGeorgia House Week 3: Water and property taxMatt Ramsey0
3 years 38 weeksPromise Place gets plug from stateBen Nelms0
3 years 38 weeksCop Reports 021010The Citizen0
3 years 38 weeksIn praise of PTC’s ImkerLetters to the ...0
3 years 38 weeksSave blame for later; right now Haiti needs mercy and our loveLetters to the ...0
3 years 38 weeksThanks for helping soldiers’ families for holidaysLetters to the ...0
3 years 38 weeksFreeSpeech for 01-20-10The Citizen15
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3 years 38 weeksWestmoreland right on most things: Get government out of the wayLetters to the ...0
3 years 38 weeksWhy independent voters will decide the outcome of the 2010 electionsLetters to the ...0
3 years 38 weeksThat’s just the way it was. Sallie Satterthwaite0