Westmoreland right on most things: Get government out of the way

Tue, 02/09/2010 - 4:49pm
By: Letters to the ...

This is in response to Robinson, Carter and Browning.

I recently read your articles blasting our fine representative Westmoreland in The Citizen.

While this is not an attempt to cover every point the three of you tried to make, here are my thoughts:

If President Obama were clearly interested in keeping us safe, he would immediately fire his attorney general for not allowing the interrogation of the Christmas day terrorist for more than 50 minutes. A detective would have spent more time questioning a shoplifter than that.

The so-called healthcare bill that was passed by the House and is currently dead, and the current bill as passed by the Senate, were both boondoggles. The House bill would have created more than 100 new bureaucracies, taxed manufacturers of medical devices such as pacemakers, cut Medicare by more than a half-trillion [CORRECTED editing mistake] dollars per year, and done absolutely nothing to address tort reform, or competition among health insurers.

I’m personally glad that both bills are dead. If Congress is truly going to reform healthcare, they need input from the medical community and at least from both parties. As it was, they went into a locked room, made dirty deals, and then expected the opposition party to support their mess.

The Obama administration’s lack of confidence in the American people astounds me. If government would just get out of the way, cut taxes across the board, cut spending, and allow free enterprise to work, business would hire people and we could work our way out of this recession.

As it is, the administration is planning another spending spree to try to spend our way out of a recession. It just can’t be done that way.

The first spending spree didn’t work; why do they think doing it again will?

Targeted tax credits don’t stimulate anything except debt. These people need to look back at history and see what has worked to get us out of recessions in the past. Japan tried to spend themselves out of a recession by passing 10 spending proposals. The recession lasted 10 years.

The American people CAN make a difference in Washington. By supporting Brown for Senate in Massachusetts, the American people broke the choke-hold the Democrats had on the Senate. People from all over the country sent money to his campaign to get his message out.

Many of us went to protest healthcare in Washington in November. Because of our presence, the bill was slowed down somewhat. If you think about it, because it was slowed down, many in Congress got cold feet and started thinking about their own re-elections. Now that Brown [has been] sworn in, the massive takeover of healthcare is dead.

If you want to join with other like-minded Americans, join the Tea Party nearest you, or the 912 movement. Get involved. Do something!

John Currie

Peachtree City, Ga.

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