PTC PD - How much can we take?

A night on the town with a PTC high school as a "chaperone" has cost the tax payers more money during an already critical economic time. Plain-clothed officers accompany a local PTC prom – off hours – out of jurisdiction and on the taxpayer's dime. How much more can PTC taxpayers afford? If you want answers, attend the next PTC city meeting and ask the questions during open forum. Did they ask for reimbursement from the City, probably...ask for the budget reports and find out how much a handful of officers can actually spend and expect to receive full reimbursement? Seeing them at a restaurant eating lobster seems extravagant to me, but rest assured the PTC taxpayers will be billed for their luxury.

Making Donations in this Economy

I work for the American Red Cross, raising money specifically for the services we provide in the South Metro area (Clayton, Henry, Fayette, Butts and Coweta Counties).

How will bailout of Chrysler and GM help

Someone please explain to me how giving Chrysler and GM more money could possibly keep them afloat for the long haul. Yes, it will keep them in business for now, but if the consumer doesn't have the funds to purchase new cars the point is moot.


Everyone is complaining about being in debt. My biggest isssue is why are we in debt in the first place? Why did the Peachtree City government outsource certain recreation and landscaping jobs in the city when they had capable city employees to complete the task at hand? It seems for the past two years you have been overpaying an outside company.

Southerm Community Bank

I heard Southen Community Bank got a cease and desist order from the FDIC. They had something about it on their web page.

Fulton County Firefighter Reduction In Force (R.I.F)

Many of you may not be aware of the fact that 44 of your Fulton County Firefighters may be laid off within the next month. Johns Creek will soon be an independent city and possibly forcing approximately 44 firefighter positions to be abolished. The firefighters now assigned within the Johns Creek area will be forced to be reassigned to South Fulton County. This will create a surplus of firefighters for the available positions in South Fulton County.

Blaming the dollar?

According to the US Federal Reserve, the dollar has dropped by around 65 per cent against the Euro, 31 per cent against the British Sterling, 45 per cent against the Canadian Dollar, and by 59 per cent against the Australian Dollar over the eight-year period since June 2000.

The Price of Gas yes we are being taken

since Congress has allowed commodities to be traded bought, sold and bought again.

Experts and even Opec agree the price should not be more than $80.00 a barrel.

Job openings?

I have searched and searched and cannot find any job openings for part time employees. Does anyone know of any? I looked at every classified section of all the local newspapers and applied all around town and still no luck.

What are the salaries for Sheriff, Commish's, DA's?

I really don't know, that's why I am asking. What are the salaries for our elected officials? Not all of them, just the big ones.

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