at the intersection of Hwy 54 and Flat Creek/Willow Bend roads next to city hall. Anyone know what's up with that?

FAA Building

Does anyone know what's going on at the FAA building? I just passed by there around 8 a.m. and it is surrounded by polic

Starving horses found on televangelist’s Fayette land

I think it is a shame that a well known televangelist like Creflo Dollar would allow a friend to keep his horses on his property and not follow up to make sure the man is taking care of them. Now there is one dead horse and another two who are in bad shape.

More Madness 3/8/2009

Waking up this fine Sunday morning I immediately saw a news report about another murder and shooting in Fayette County, AGAIN! It never ends and is only getting worse. Our community is quickly becoming another Fulton and Clayton County crime circus.

What has happen is a wonderful step in the process of us being one!

What has happened is a wonderful step in the process of us being one! Be leery of the outspoken people of eras past that forge to only make this about race.Barack has a very different view. The smallness of a lone factor is Not how he thinks.


The Kroger at Crosstown has regular and premium. $3.96. They got a delivery last night. At 1:00 only had to wait behind 2 vehicles.

Hurricane Gustav and New Orleans

I just read the 2300 (1100p) NWS forecast of Gustav. If the current path continues, New Orleans could be impacted as the track puts Gustav west of the city. That's the worst side.

Professor Pausch has passed away

From the AP:

Randy Pausch, a Carnegie Mellon University computer scientist whose "last lecture" about facing terminal cancer became an Internet sensation and a best-selling book, has died. He was 47.

more frauds, follies and crimes from GW Bush

Now it appears that our good friends from Halliburton, Blackwater, The Iraqi government and others have stolen or siphoned off $23 Billion dollars of your and my tax money.

Komodo Dragon And Drifting Divers

What A Great Made For TV Movie

Please let me know when this one premiers so I can go to someone's house to watch it.

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