More Madness 3/8/2009

Sun, 03/08/2009 - 8:53am
By: wildfire

Waking up this fine Sunday morning I immediately saw a news report about another murder and shooting in Fayette County, AGAIN! It never ends and is only getting worse. Our community is quickly becoming another Fulton and Clayton County crime circus.

Watching the news report all I saw were people complaining that the police were not giving them any information. One idiot woman was even saying "my minor child was here and i can't get them (the police) to give me any help". What was her "minor" child doing at a party that late last night in the first place? Don't get mad at the police because you parents were too ignorant and non caring enough to raise your children to be HUMAN.

Again, I say parents take control over your kids actions and where you allow them to hang out, who you allow them to hang out with and hold them to accountability and you MIGHT have a chance to raise decent law abiding citizens. On second thought, no way, because the kids are just following the examples their parents have shown them.

Just a bunch of excuse making losers! God help the decent people in our County....

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