skyspy: Sat. 4-11-09 BP Station Hwy 85 South??

What happened at 10pm that required 5 squad cars and paramedics? I can guess, but what really happened? Did some of our friends from clayton visit us again? I just happened to be driving by as the SO and fire dept. pulled in.

skyspy: Phone Survey for PTC Residents

When you see Ga.State University on your caller id pick up the phone.

Apparently our tax dollar is being used for a phone survey to find out what we like about our city, and what we don't like.

skyspy: Christmas Blessing/Good Holiday Stories??

Does anyone have any good stories to share?

Maybe something nice that happened to you or someone you love?

After the election on Tues.

skyspy: What are You Thankful For?

It's that time of year again, what are you thankful for?

Big thanks to all of our service men and women. We can't thank you enough.

skyspy: Kudos to Sheriff's Deputy

Today I was flying to work, breaking every traffic law known to man (as usual). I turned onto Antioch and immediatly saw the flashing lights of a squad car.

skyspy: What are y''all Reading?

What books have you read this summer? Which one is your favorite?

The best one so far for me is : The Miracle of Ca

skyspy: Git Real I Need Your Help

Today on The Today Show they aired a piece on Faux Fur.

There is a link on MSNBC, but I don't know how to create a hyperlink...can you or bad_ptc do it.

skyspy: Mt. Olive Float was Intentional

I think this was done intentionally, to offend people. What do the rest of you think?

This is really just a vicious cycle, the hate seems to be never ending. Blacks still hate white people after 40yrs. When will blacks let the healing begin? Why do they go out of their way to be offensive? Are they trying to drive us off like they did the white people in Clayton crime county?

skyspy: Teens Party at Empty Homes?

What is the story? 2 different home invasions occured by large groups of teens, looking for a place to party in PTC?

skyspy: What are You Thankful For?

I'm thankful for my neighbors who watch out for me daily. Like today when I carelessly left my garage door open, they watched to make sure no one walked in to damage my convertible. Thank you.

skyspy: PTC Teen Runaway Armed?

In the AJC yesterday it was reported in the police blotter that a teen was arrested on Monday.

Apparently he had been missing since Friday when he showed his mother a gun and then ranaway.

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