McDonoughDawg: Congrats to Fayette Co and Whitewater..

Both winners according to the scoreboard on the AJC.

McDonoughDawg: Train Quiet Zones..Has PTC ever looked into this?

Establishing a Quiet Zone

There are both Federal and State regulations that govern the sounding of train locomotive horns. Federal regulations called the Final Rule on the Use of Locomotive Horns at Highway-Rail Grade Crossings, 49 CFR 222 (“Horn Rule”), require that trains sound their horns as a warning to highway users at public highway-rail crossings. California Public Utilities Code Section 7604 requires that trains sound their horns at all private and pedestrian crossings as well.

McDonoughDawg: 2nd straight trip to Publix..

Thanks Kroger, the produce is far superior at Publix than what you've been offering up lately. Keep up the good work, subletting prime spaces, all the while losing business for being shortsighted. If I have food I don't need, I'll be sure and donate it to your 2 other Krogers.

McDonoughDawg: I leave town for just a few days...

and what has happened here? I saw it degrading early last week. The National Politics/Religion debates are a no-win situation for this blog, if you ask me (IYAM). I see the same quotes/thoughts time after time and nobody is ever prompted to change their minds about their feelings. Then I see where we have folks really slinging mud at their fellow Citizens. Really, it's not what the local yocal is about, in my opinion.

McDonoughDawg: Macaroni Grill....gone..

I guess Carrabba's won this battle.

McDonoughDawg: Wieland & his townhomes are not for the West Village.

We need to let the Mayor and Council Members hear from us regarding the absurd number of additional townhomes that Wieland wants to build in the West Village. It would seem that there a plenty there now.

McDonoughDawg: TDK Extension, let yourself be heard. Yes or No..

In light of all the proposals on the table just over the line with Coweta, and in light of NO access being accounted for on the Coweta side of the property. I'm very much against going forward with the TDK Road Extension. The question is, is it too late to stop it? IF not, what can we do to stop it?

McDonoughDawg: How long until the new Golf Cart Tunnels are open?

It would seem to be something they would want to get open ASAP. As of yet, I've not even seen pavement up to the tunnels themselves.

McDonoughDawg: I see the two golf cart tunnels under 54 West. Now a question

The tunnels are clearly on the East and West side of the railroad tracks. How are they going to give access to golf carts that need to actually cross the railroad tracks? Ie going from The Avenue to Home Depot etc? Or from Huddleston to the Avenue? Are they going to have golf carts on the actual bridge? I thought PTC had a PDF of the site plan on the web site, but I can't seem to find it.

McDonoughDawg: Any potential tenants at the old "Buckhead Brewery" Bldg?

Just curious if anybody has heard anything about potential tenants for the "Buckhead Brewery" building on Hwy 54. Such a nice building, just sitting there. I realize the owner got into troubles with a few locations. I believe the Stockbridge location now has a "meat & 3" located in the old site. Not exactly what I had in mind.

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