Michael Boylan: Listen to Sandy Creek game tonight

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Go to this web site


Michael Boylan: Hutch or another FCHS fan that will be at tonight's game

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Send me an e-mail and I'll give you my cell, so you can text me updates. I will be at the region championship game at Sandy Creek.

Michael Boylan: Friday night football scores/highlights for 9/4 are up

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Click here to go to the story.

Michael Boylan: Starr's Mill down 14-7 at half

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The Panthers looked good in the first quarter and early in the second but Etowah got a lot of yards in the second and scored twice.

Michael Boylan: Football scores on sports site -

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Only good news if you're a Sandy Creek fan.

Michael Boylan: No sports blitz today - only two left this school year

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There wasn't much to talk about yesterday (when we tape the blitz), so we'll have a short preview episode Friday and then our big, end of season extravaganza next week.

Michael Boylan: No sports blitz today

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Spring break has reduced us to one sports blitz this week and we'll air it Friday.

There is a new episode of Sidelines though.

Michael Boylan: Fayette boys playing their state title game

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The Tigers are trailing Columbia 14-12 after the first quarter.

Michael Boylan: Fayette County Lady Tigers playing state final right now

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They are trailing SW DeKalb 19-13 at the end of the first quarter.

The game is on GPB and the boys game will follow.

Michael Boylan: 38 Special coming to PTC

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I visited the Pollstar web site today and found out one of the acts coming to PTC this summer - 38 Special - Aug. 22 and I assume Aug. 23.

Michael Boylan: Technical difficulties boot the Blitz to podcast only (just this once)

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John Thompson and John Munford must have broke something in the studio today because the audio portion wasn't working right when Kevin and I got in there to do the Blitz. Then, halfway through recording, the camera pooped out.

Michael Boylan: Daily Citizen Special !

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Mike Boylan and John Munford discuss the results of the special election and the candidacy of Wayne Hannah for sheriff.

Michael Boylan: Muddle and gratefuldoc....

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Your cds are waiting for you downstairs.

Jerry Christmas!


Michael Boylan: Thompson back on Daily Citizen today

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John discusses last night's school board meeting and their decisions on redistricting and East Fayette.

Michael Boylan: The Citizen Sports Blitz holiday schedule

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There will be no episode of The Citizen Sports Blitz today, but we will be taping a special at Velocity Sports Performance on Sunday from 2-4 p.m. It will air on Monday and we will have one more episode on Wednesday, Dec. 19 before a hiatus through the end of the year.

Michael Boylan: Another special guest on Daily Citizen discussing school board

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John Thompson is on today's Daily Citizen talking about yesterday's redistricting forum.

Should sound a little better than yesterday's, he sat closer to the mic.

Michael Boylan: Special guest on Daily Citizen today

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Today's Daily Citizen is an interview with John Munford who attended and covered last night's candidate's forum.

Michael Boylan: Tour de Georgia not coming to Fayette this year

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The route for the 2008 Tour de Georgia was announced and it doesn't appear to be going through Fayette County.

The route is:

Michael Boylan: No Daily Citizen today

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Late start today and lots of events to cover, so no Daily Citizen today for the people who may be looking for it.

Michael Boylan: Today's edition of The Citizen Sports Blitz

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There will be no Citizen Sports Blitz today - the holiday schedule pushed some extra duties my way and Kevin is already on his way up to Gainesville for the Sandy Creek-North Hall game.

Michael Boylan: Team Citizen’s dragon boat racing caper: All wet

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Almost dead last.

That’s where Team Citizen finished in the Dragon Boat races this past weekend.

We were close to finishing dead last, but the City of Peachtree City’s team finished two-tenths of a second behind us. They also capsized their boat after completing their first race.

Michael Boylan: Andruw leaving Atlanta

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I have always marveled at the acrobatic and stunning plays that Andruw Jones made in the outfield as an Atlanta Brave. They populate the top 10 web gems in my mind. I have his autograph on a baseball in my collection and I will always remember his two home runs in Yankee Stadium in the 1996 World Series.

Michael Boylan: Auditions for Christmas play tonight

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Auditions for Southside Theatre Guild’s Christmas production of “The Homecoming” continue tonight at the theater at 7 p.m The show requires a large cast of both children and adults.

Michael Boylan: Video about the Salty Burger incident

Michael Boylan: Listen to The Daily Citizen

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Listen to the top stories, weather and sports scores each day with our new podcast - The Daily Citizen.

Michael Boylan: Video of Gov. Sonny Perdue and Sany officials

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John Munford was at the state capitol on Wednesday for a ceremony with Gov. Sonny Perdue and Sany officials.

Michael Boylan: Video highlights from Fayette County/Mt. Zion game

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Fayette County submitted video highlights from their 21-12 win over Mt. Zion, Jonesboro last week.

Click here to see the Fayette County football highlights

Michael Boylan: College football starts tomorrow - who's a lock this weekend?

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LSU takes on Mississippi State tomorrow night, marking the beginning of the college football season.

LSU seems like a lock to win tomorrow. Who else is a lock this weekend?

Michael Boylan: Starr's Mill/Sandy Creek scrimmage postponed/podcast will be delayed

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The thunderstorms that hit the area tonight postponed the Starr's Mill @ Sandy Creek football scrimmage to tomorrow at 10 a.m, which is when Kevin and I were set to record the demo/football preview podcast.

Michael Boylan: Demo version of sports podcast launches tomorrow

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If you are interested in the upcoming high school football season, be sure to visit this web site this weekend to hear The Citizen Sports Blitz. We will load a demo version of the weekly sports podcast tomorrow by noon. The official show begins next Saturday and will feature news about all sports in Fayette County.
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