Andruw leaving Atlanta

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I have always marveled at the acrobatic and stunning plays that Andruw Jones made in the outfield as an Atlanta Brave. They populate the top 10 web gems in my mind. I have his autograph on a baseball in my collection and I will always remember his two home runs in Yankee Stadium in the 1996 World Series.

However, I'm not sad to see Andruw go.

His strikeouts were increasingly ugly and they have been that way for years. Remember the playoff series with the Cubs a few years back? Andruw Jones isn't worth $140 million over the next seven years. I'm not sure he'll still be playing in seven years.

The Braves have a lot of problems to fix this off-season and pitching is their main concern. Yes, Jones saved a lot of runs with his glove over the years, but were there that many of those incredible plays this year?

The Braves should take the $60-70 million they would have paid Andruw over five years (that's a guess) spend it on Tex's contract and try to get themselves a pitcher or two. The Braves didn't make the playoffs not because Andruw batted .222, but because after Smoltz and Hudson they had nobody to count on.

The Braves have a great infield - arguably the best in baseball - McCann is a great catcher who will undoubtedly have a better year next year - their bullpen will be fine, possibly stellar with the return of Mike Gonzalez, but they need to fill out the rotation.

Leo Mazzone might be available to return, too, which might help turn the Braves "maybe pitchers" into sure things.

What do you think about Andruw's departure? Wouldn't you rather pay Tex than Andruw?

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Submitted by John Munford on Wed, 10/03/2007 - 12:54pm.

Above all else I totally respect Andruw for ditching Boras a few years back to sign a below-market deal to stay with the Braves. In that way he'll always be a class act in my mind.

I will miss Andruw's acrobatic catches. I won't miss the constant rain-making popups he hits. Or the massive amount of Ks. If I've screamed it once I've screamed it a thousand times: "Put the ball in PLAY!!!"

To me the most telling detail of Andruw's play this year was AFTER his diving catches. He was SLOW to get up almost after every one. He's worn himself out folks.

Tex, meanwhile, is on a ROLL and at a less physically demanding position so he shouldn't wear down as much over time.

Plus, my boy Willie Harris can handle center. Robbed a few homers this year (more than Andruw I think) and he'll lay it all out just like 'Dru.

Submitted by d.smith700 on Wed, 10/03/2007 - 7:33pm.

No ball player is worth that gamble except in the NY market. That then ruins MLBaseball!
All a team has to do to win titles is win 8-10 more games than the others in the division.
This can be done with fifty million dollars worth of oitchers, or fifty million dollars worth of hitters---90% of the time.
Thus, ML baseball is ruined.
People then buy tickets to see multi-millionaires and home runs and 15 strikeouts only----not to see baseball played correctly!
It also promotes drugs with the players--just to try and get there.

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Submitted by cogitoergofay on Wed, 10/03/2007 - 9:02am.

First, let me say I have a few great memories of this past season. Turner Field is a good venue, I had lots of fun and if the Stadium had anything around it besides well, what it has around it, it would be an upper echelon park and not just middle of the pack. Great year. I agree with you, Mike…… Andruw was and presumably is still a great player. He has been graceful in the outfield and congenial in the clubhouse. But an A-Rod Contract? No way. I really appreciate Schuerholtz zapping Boras back with a rejection. The Braves get a Gold Star in corporate management for this one. The Braves are very painfully aware that they have to compete with the mega-payroll Mets and the Phillies who spend as much as Atlanta. Some offers are so ridiculous that there is no sense countering. The Braves are smart to cut off the distraction and do it now. It is somewhat amusing hearing Boras express surprise that the Braves responded so quickly with a “no”. LOL.

OK, Mike, you jumped me for complaining about Rentawreck when you nominated him for the Hall of Fame so let me explain. It is all about money. He demanded $20 million a year. The Braves total payroll is $85. Is Boras stupid? Andruw is great. He is a 30 homer, .275, almost always Gold Glove outfielder. But unless he gets on with the clubs with the huge payrolls (Mets, Red Sox and the Chokees) I will be shocked to see him get that. Heck, there are only a handful of clubs over $100 million in annual salary and Andruw is asking what the TOTAL payroll is (just about) for one whole team---- The Devil Dogs. And notice, Mike, I’m being nice. I didn’t mention the .222 average once. OK, only once.

No decision needed on Texeira now. Look at it 2008.

There is one way Andruw will get $200 million. If Boras can spread the false rumor that Boston is going to sign Andruw to replace Manny, then Brian Cashman will serve up the papers by Thanksgiving.

BTW---Kudos to the Mike and Kevin show. Local sports fans love it.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Wed, 10/03/2007 - 9:55am.

AJ is a career .263 average hitter, and FALLING. He has seen his better days. He'll probably hit better than .222 next year, but not much. Frankly, I'm glad he's gone.

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Submitted by Michael Boylan on Wed, 10/03/2007 - 9:53am.

Let's start it here.
The Yankees really need to have someone replace Johnny Damon.
Andruw is the perfect candidate - remember those awesome home runs in the World Series, so what if it was only 11 years ago?
Andruw would look awesome in pinstripes. And he's so clutch.
The New York fans and media would be so gracious as he battles his way out of his batting slumps.
Sounds like a deal to me.

Submitted by McDonoughDawg on Wed, 10/03/2007 - 9:56am.

The NY press would turn on him in a second. Let him hit .250 or less, and it would be brutal. His laughing after strikeouts would send them into a tizzy.

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