mapleleaf: Proof that PTC residents are charged more

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One only has to drive through different parts of Fayette County to realize that the price of gas for motor vehicles is higher in PTC than in the rest of Fayette County. The signs by the pumps say it all.

mapleleaf: Chuck Morley dies

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The AJC obituaries today (Sept. 9) report that Charles B. “Chuck” Morley, 65, of Douglasville had died Sunday.

I do believe this is the recently retired editor of the Fayette County News and Today in Peachtree City newspapers, the legal organs for Fayette County.

mapleleaf: A challenge for hard-core Republicans

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There is a group of people, among us, who, no matter what he tries, find fault with everything –and I do mean “everything”— that President Obama tries to do. They have made up their mind to be negative and obstructionist. It is thus no surprise that they would oppose any healthcare insurance proposal he would make.

mapleleaf: Why I favor gun control and will continue to do so

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A 12-year-old Fayetteville boy accidentally shot, and killed, his 10-year-old brother last Saturday afternoon while using his father’s 9mm pistol while his father was at home.

mapleleaf: Why our state representative Matt Ramsey is a zero

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Pleasant and personable as he may be, our state representative Matt Ramsey boasts of insignificant accomplishments amidst a group of people with no clue on how to really help the people of Georgia. You don’t do that by just cutting the budget and boasting about it.

mapleleaf: Our last day for 6 percent sales tax

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Today, March 31, is our last day of 6 percent sales tax in Fayette County.

Tomorrow (April Fools' Day), that new car

mapleleaf: How to steal, in one easy lesson

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What some bloggers don’t understand, possibly because they have not been owners of common stock in any large publicly-owned corporation, is the way compensation of $10 million or more is commonly awarded to corporate CEOs and other officers.

mapleleaf: Fayette teachers asked to donate their raises

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How about that!

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports this morning (Jan. 6, page C6) that The cash-strapped Fayette County school system is asking its teachers to voluntarily return the pay raises they received last spring.

mapleleaf: Health care inefficiencies (Fayette hospital)

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In August, a friend of mine went to Piedmont Fayette Hospital for a routine mammogram. Because the doctor was not totally satisfied with the first picture, she returned about a week later.

mapleleaf: Why Nicole File was defeated

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I was tempted to title this note why Terri Smith got 42,871 votes, because that’s the answer to why Nicole File was defeated.

mapleleaf: SPLOST report due today

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Today (Monday, October 20) is the day when Georgia law calls for the SPLOST campaign committee known as Fayette Citizens for Children to file its financial report (contributions, expenses) with the Fayette Board of Elections.

mapleleaf: A thought about giving to politicians

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Somehow I started wondering last night about some imaginary little old lady from Pennsylvania, living off her modest Social Security monthly check, who might have been moved to send $10, just $10, to Hillary Clinton's campaign, thrilled at the thought we might have our first woman president. Then she learns (as we all did) that Hillary and her husband raked in over $100 million in personal income over the last seven years.

mapleleaf: GREATEST tax plan unveiled by newly announced candidate Mapleleaf

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In a bold move never before seen in Georgia politics, Mapleleaf today announced her candidacy for the state House post held by the late Dan Lakly with a presentation of her GREATEST plan for Georgia.

mapleleaf: Malpractice verdict shows how wrong the courthouse crowd has really been

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For years the courthouse crowd has been saying that Fayette county juries are a tight-fisted bunch who award next to nothing to plaintiffs. The idea, of course, was to convince plaintiffs to settle for a pittance out of fear they’d get even less from our miserly juries.

mapleleaf: Shingles vaccine for people on Medicare

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People with Medicare Part D coverage (the prescription drug plan) might be interested to know that, under at least one company's Part D plan, the shingles vaccine (Zostavax) is available at some local Kroger and Rite Aid pharmacies for the co-pay price provided in their plan (generally about $50 to $60), and it will be given at the drug store without further expense. To receive it requires bringing in a doctor's prescription for it. An appointment may be needed, to make sure the vaccine (which needs to be kept refrigerated) is on hand.

mapleleaf: Emergency Alert System harassment

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In recent weeks, my Comcast cable TV set-top box has occasionally been hijacked in the middle of a program. The cable channel display changes to the letters EAS, and a man in religious garb is seen to harangue an invisible audience. It lasts about 90 seconds and then the system resets itself to the channel I was watching.

mapleleaf: SCOOP: Peachtree National Bank to become Bank of North Georgia

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Peachtree City's Peachtree National Bank is being merged into Bank of North Georgia by its parent company Synovus. First Nation Bank of Covington is also being merged into Bank of North Georgia.

mapleleaf: The solution is a sales tax

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Is the sales tax the solution to everything?

We have road congestion and other transportation problems in the Atlanta area. Would a little extra sales tax solve the problem?

mapleleaf: How to get bold or italic characters in your blog entries

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A lot of us have had difficulty learning how to get certain words in bold or italics in our blog items.

The system offered to us by The Citizen Online to get that done is primitive and even barbaric. But as Donald Rumsfeld said, you go to war with the army you’ve got, not the one you wish you had.

mapleleaf: Report on Septic System Seminar of Nov. 14

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A lot of Fayette County residents are “on a septic tank,” and not that many know what it all implies. So it was a good idea for the Fayette County Health Department to offer this free seminar in the county commissioners’ public meeting room at 7 p.m. last Tuesday.

mapleleaf: Funnies in The Citizen Online

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“This image is copyrighted by The Citizen Newspapers and is intended for private use only. Please contact The Citizen for permission if you use to wish these images elsewhere.”

mapleleaf: Richard Hobbs' Successor

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It was reported, just two to three weeks ago, that Richard Hobbs had resigned as a member of the Fayette Board of Elections.

mapleleaf: How's the Fayette County real estate market?

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How's the Fayette County real estate market?

Seventy-five Fayette real property owners are scheduled to lose their property, generally their home, early next month. Sixty-seven are foreclosures (failure to make payments on a mortgaged property) and eight are tax sales (failure to pay county property tax). They'll all be sold on the Fayette courthouse steps on Tuesday, September 5.

mapleleaf: The PTC manager's sentence was too severe...

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Nothing sacred about the law…

As I stated previously, the punishment meted out to the PTC manager was, in my opinion, much too severe, and the law under which he was punished was inappropriate as he was treated as if driving a car upon a public highway while he was only operating a golf cart in a parking lot leading to a cart path.

mapleleaf: Congratulations, Linda!

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Dear Linda:

Congratulations on your rejoining the rest of the free world!

The voters did you a favor.

Finally, you’ll be able to live wherever you want, like Harold Bost and Greg Powers.

mapleleaf: Misdirected anger on county legal fees

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People who criticize county commissioners like Greg Dunn and Linda Wells for the county’s high legal fees in their litigation with the sheriff are barking up the wrong tree.

mapleleaf: Expected fallout from Maxwell victory

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With Maxwell ousting Dunn on the Fayette county commission, here’s what we can expect:

(1) The immediate result may be a very discouraged Linda Wells who might well be considering leaving her post with Dunn at the end of the year, giving up the fight one way or another. Remember Harold Bost, who resigned a few months after being reelected. Talented as she is, Linda may well decide she does not need this job and the aggravation of putting up with the senile Herb Frady.

mapleleaf: Republican referendum, an IQ test for voters

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The July 18 ballot for the Republican primary provides an IQ test for the voters. Like for all tests, we need to prepare. So here are the questions, and a few ideas on what the answers ought to be.

mapleleaf: Billie Jo and Bubba talk about politics

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Billie Jo: Hey, Bubba, what do they do out there in the Georgia legislature?

Bubba: You mean the Georgia General Assembly?

mapleleaf: Our young brain-dead candidates

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Of all the counties in metro Atlanta, guess which one had the highest percentage of citizens over the age of 65 in our 2000 census? Yes, it was Fayette County, with 9.01%.

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