Expected fallout from Maxwell victory

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With Maxwell ousting Dunn on the Fayette county commission, here’s what we can expect:

(1) The immediate result may be a very discouraged Linda Wells who might well be considering leaving her post with Dunn at the end of the year, giving up the fight one way or another. Remember Harold Bost, who resigned a few months after being reelected. Talented as she is, Linda may well decide she does not need this job and the aggravation of putting up with the senile Herb Frady.

(2) No more Judge Maxwell. Being a judge is incompatible with being in a political position like commissioner. If Eric does not realize that, someone will eventually bring this home to him.

(3) No more domination by the county law firm of McNally, Fox, etc. Finally, there will be someone on the commission (Eric) to question their legal advice. Moreover, Eric may succeed in persuading the other commissioners to change the way legal services are provided to the county. Where the lawyer who advises you to fight ends up doing the fighting himself, at your expense, the advice is less disinterested and there’s a conflict of interest. A salaried county attorney can still farm out and supervise litigation, he can shop for lower fees, review bills, etc. Right now, the commission has handed a monopoly on legal services to one firm, and we’ve seen some of the results.

(4) Cronyism will continue. Eric has his own cronies. When appointing members to various county boards, Eric is unlikely to solicit and review applications from interested citizens. He’ll just appoint a friend and supporter.

(5) The county budget may expand quite a bit, with taxes going up. Eric is not averse to extravagant spending, as he has shown with his Corvette, the ILLSUE tag, and even campaign mailings of postcards with a $.39 stamp when only a $.24 stamp was required. Generous as he has been with his own money, Eric may be even more generous with the taxpayers’ money.

(6) The rest is a big unknown. Eric now realizes he won’t be running the county by himself, the way Dunn fantasized he could. I expect some political wrangling where Horgan may want to assert himself.

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Submitted by concerned citizen46 on Fri, 07/21/2006 - 11:48am.

I didn't vote for Eric Maxwell due to a terrible experience with him as an attorney. Thankfully, an attorney with Kam, Ebersbach, and Lewis helped us remedy the situation, and more! A close family friend also had a similar bad experience with him as a Judge. It seems that his lack of knowledge and incompetent practice in law does not bother the majority of Fayette County. What is up with the county?

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Submitted by Git Real on Fri, 07/21/2006 - 1:24pm.

been on here months ago consistently voicing you concerns about him. I was. Little late to be whining about it now wouldn't you think. I do respect the fact that you had a terrible experience with him as an attorney. There is a reason they have the reputations they deserve.

Hey but let me ask you this....

Dead snake and a dead lawyer in the middle of the road. Why does the snake have skid marks in front of it?

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Submitted by PTC Guy on Fri, 07/21/2006 - 11:53am.

I will sum it up quickly.
1. Many have not had the bad exerience you claim.
2. He was up against Dunn. A real vote getter for Maxwell.

Keeping it real and to the core of the issue, not the peripherals.

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Submitted by mudcat on Thu, 07/20/2006 - 7:02pm.


Submitted by tonto707 on Thu, 07/20/2006 - 4:38pm.

litany of mostly asinine drivel.

Submitted by Southside on Thu, 07/20/2006 - 7:14am.

I've ever seen. For the last few months you have shown every indication that you are Linda or someone very close to her. Since Linda is a financial advisor your screen name is another clue.

Now this blog? Half of it sounds like electing Maxwell was a wonderful deal and the other sound like... well, Linda.

Your talking points?

1.) Yes to a discouraged Linda walking away. It may more likely be a defeated Linda walking away.

2.) No more Maxwell being a Judge? Peachtree City's delima to solve.

3.) No more domination by McNally's law firm? Finally!

4.) Cronyism; is just another word for "your camp verses mine."

5.) The county budget will expand because Maxwell drives a Corvette? Please. That's the kind of spin I'm tired of and the kind of logic Fayette County voters are to smart to buy.

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