pentapenguin: Attention bpr!

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Hey bpr!

It was great meeting you and the Mr. today. We had a great time talking, and I'm not as scary as you thought. Laughing out loud

pentapenguin: Bloggers' Coffee Meeting This Week?

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I know with the holidays coming up, everybody is busy, but would anybody want to have another Bloggers' Coffee Meeting? If so when and where? I'd like to do the "new" (i.e. old Fuddruckers) Starbucks in front of Publix in PTC on Friday around 12 noon (1200 hours, Hack Smiling ). Or we could do someplace/some time else if that's not convenient....

pentapenguin: Stem Cells and Cloning Presentation Friday

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Hi everybody.

Anybody see the advertisement on the right side of the page and in the print version of The Citizen for the Stem Cells and Cloning presentation? Here's some more info about it I found.

pentapenguin: "Comcast Must Die"

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Hi folks. Smiling I'm going to pull up my little soapbox for a minute and chat. I saw this news story on Slashdot tonight about a woman who to put it mildly, was annoyed at Comcast's customer NO service. Be sure to read this article. If nothing else, the reporter really has a good sense of humor. Smiling I especially liked the last few lines:

pentapenguin: Git Real and bad_ptc: I need your advice!

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Hey Git and bad_ptc (and anybody else that knows about this subject) -- I need some advice from you guys since you're experts in this area. Smiling

pentapenguin: "Fairness" Doctrine

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Here's a great op-ed piece about the "Fairness" Doctrine that would put talk radio (uhh...excuse me, HATE radio) out of business.

pentapenguin: Basnazi Gollum the Lying Hypocrite

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Good evening fellow bloggers!

In this blog entry I'm going to systematically prove how Basmati Gollum Smiling is a liar and a hypocrite.

pentapenguin: Tips for Fellow Bloggers

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Hello fellow bloggers!

I'd thought we'd take a brief respite from politics and talk about something else: blogging tips.

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