Tips for Fellow Bloggers

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Hello fellow bloggers!

I'd thought we'd take a brief respite from politics and talk about something else: blogging tips.

For these tips, you'll need Mozilla Firefox. What's Firefox? It's simply the world's best browser! Laughing out loud It's 100% free, safer than Internet Explorer, faster, smaller, and has more features like tabs, built in phishing (i.e. scamming) protection, and more. Tabs let you open multiple web pages in one window. Once you get used to it, you will never browse the web the same way (with just one window) again! Well, enough with how great Firefox is. Here are my tips:

  1. Use Firefox's built in spell checker. That's right. Firefox has a built in spell checker so you can save yourself from embarrassing typos in your posts. If a word is misspelled, you will see it with a red line under it. Just right click the word to get the correct spelling.
  2. Firefox has extensions. What are extensions? As the name implies, extensions extend Firefox: they add new features. I have 3 extensions that every blogger needs to have.
    • BBCodeXtra extension: This is an essential extension! Do you want to use bold and italics in your posts? While you can manually add them, this extension makes it really easy to do so. Just highlight your text, right click and select the "htmlXtra" menu, and choose an option. Instant formatting!
    • CoLT extension: Don't make statements without backing them up! With this extension, you can easily add links to sources in your blogs and comments. Just right click a link and select "Copy Link Text and Location As" and then select "HTML Link" from the submenu. Now you can paste a clickable link into your comments.
    • Linkification Extension: Now whenever someone posts a text URL you won't have to copy and paste the link manually to open it. This extension will automatically make the link clickable saving you effort.

That's all for now. Hope these tips help you in your blogging and commenting here on The Citizen! Smiling

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