NUK_1: R.I.P. Rev. Ike

NUK_1: Today is the Republican Wake-Up Call

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I honestly hope McCain gets landslided and the House and Senate majorities for the Dems increase. After 8 years of Republican FAIL where by Repubs from the head dude in the White House all the way down to the local levels betrayed anything resembling being a "conservative," it's time to pay the price.

NUK_1: Clayco Schools officially lose accreditation

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No shocker there. They might have better luck in the appeals process if Perdue follows through and removes the 4 remaining idiots on the Board that a judge yesterday recommended removal of for blatant violations of the open meetings laws and anything resembling ethics.

NUK_1: Today's AJC: Awesome!

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For once, the ISSUE section is filled with some great stuff instead of the usual blather.

First, Mike King looks at by department spending for state agencies and his ideas on reductions, as opposed to the across-the-board approach Perdue is considering at the moment.

NUK_1: Edwards Media Coverage

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Let's see....if the National Enquirer stories and photos of his alleged affair and love-child weren't worth the MSM reporting on, why is Edwards' confession big news now?

NUK_1: Worst Prez Candidates?

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I have to say that in my 40+ years, McCain and Obama have to be the worst two soon-to-be-nominees I can recall, but it doesn't stop with just the Dems and Repubs; the third parties are running kooks who aren't qualified for any elected office. Clinton-Dole wasn't very inspiring, but Clinton at that point had 4 years of experience and also did a few very good things in the areas of welfare reform and free trade.

NUK_1: Sean Penn, Hollywood Blowhard and Moron

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I'm sort of surprised The Beave hasn't picked up on yesterday's Penn interview. Anyway, would someone be nice enough to tell me exactly what Penn was talking about when he accused Obama(not a misprint...Penn accused OBAMA) of having a

NUK_1: Those Crazy Dems!

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Shillary refuses to fade away gracefully and wins another very key electoral state in Nov. for the Dems by 10pts to strengthen her argument that Obama cannot win the general election because he loses in key, big states like Ohio and PA. Since Clinton is all about Clinton and anything related to "the Party" is a distant second, she'll go to the convention still attempting some super delegate coup by touting how unelectable Obama is.

NUK_1: Bush, Candidates on primetime TV shows

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Clinton, McCain and Obama had taped segments on WWE RAW last night with each of them trying to talk in some rasslin' catch-phrases like The Rock (if you smellllll what The Rock is cookin'!) and Stone Cold Steve Austin(and that's the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so.

NUK_1: Lost Black Pug-Fayetteville

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NUK_1: Westmoreland suddenly getting smart?

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What's up with Lynn Westmoreland? I thought it was safe to classify him as dolt and non-thinker who just votes by how he's told from the Repub leadership, and he now starts showing some intelligence.

NUK_1: Berkeley's Mayor/Council...and you thought PTC's was bad?

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The lunatic beyond-leftward city council of Berkeley is back to their usual "we approve of free speech, as long as it's approved by us first" approach. They are running the Marine recruiting office out of the city by sanctioning and legislating a law to endorse picketing by a fringe group called Code Pink.

NUK_1: Election results 12/18

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Well, someone forgot to tell Fayette County gov that there was an election today for district 72. Their website last latest new has municipal run-off election on 12/4. DUH.

NUK_1: Ramsey-Yes. Brown-NO

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The old adage of "it's better to deal with the fool you know than the one you don't" is like most old adages: tired,expired, trite. In the election tomorrow, you have a definite "known" and an "unknown."

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