Worst Prez Candidates?

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I have to say that in my 40+ years, McCain and Obama have to be the worst two soon-to-be-nominees I can recall, but it doesn't stop with just the Dems and Repubs; the third parties are running kooks who aren't qualified for any elected office. Clinton-Dole wasn't very inspiring, but Clinton at that point had 4 years of experience and also did a few very good things in the areas of welfare reform and free trade.

McCain is a blustery old guy who will probably forget where he is at some point and take a whizz in the corner of a room. His economic policies are weak and not thought through at all for a guy who has been in the Senate for close to three decades. His foreign policy platform is pretty good and he has a decent command on that aspect, but al the flip-flopping he is doing in every other area outweighs that. He isn't as uninspiring as Bob dole, but who is going to get that excited about a moderate Repub who flops around on the issues of the week?

Obama is the shrewdest campaigner out there since Ronald Reagan, and he shut down the Clinton machine like no one ever imagined. By rarely taking a stand on too much before, Obama had pretty much a blank slate to start with that helped him a lot for a while. The fact that he doesn't sound as sleepy-time as McCain or cranky as Shillary didn't hurt.

Alas, Obama came out sounding somehwat intelligent and "above it all" on issues like dipping into the strategic oil reserves(he was against) and suspending the fed gas tax(against again, thought it was pandering), only to fall back again on the windfall profits tax which is just stupid. Sounds really great to someone with limited intellect, but the idea that oil companies won't simply pass along this tax and gas shoot up even higher is completely foolish and PANDERING. So is refusing to meet with the Hamas, but full speed ahead as far as Iran goes. The rest of his platform is straight lefty like Kerry, Edwards, etc. with the obligatory more regulation and rules for anyone trying to make money and mandates to industry. So much for hope and change when pandering is more expedient and he heads to the middle as fast as he can because he's discovering that some of Shillary's voters are leaning McCain.

Great year to vote Libertarian EXCEPT for the fact that they nominated the not libertarian,not a leader, not anything but a total grump, Bob Barr. Disgusting.

So the Big 2 run up the "best" of what they think is out there and the Libertarians go with a "name." So did the Greens with Cynthia McKinney(??!!). What a cluster of fail.

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Submitted by mudcat on Mon, 08/04/2008 - 7:02pm.

Understand you are remembering only 40 years - back to 1968, but here we have some names before and after 1968.

McGovern, Mondale, Ford, Dukakis, Goldwater, Nader, Perot, Quale (I know he's a VP, but he belongs on this list) Carter, Dole, Hart, etc.

It is not as bad as it seems. We get the old guy or the young guy. What could possibly go wrong?

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Submitted by Cyclist on Mon, 08/04/2008 - 6:15pm.

That about sums it up.
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