Those Crazy Dems!

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Shillary refuses to fade away gracefully and wins another very key electoral state in Nov. for the Dems by 10pts to strengthen her argument that Obama cannot win the general election because he loses in key, big states like Ohio and PA. Since Clinton is all about Clinton and anything related to "the Party" is a distant second, she'll go to the convention still attempting some super delegate coup by touting how unelectable Obama is.

In Pennsylvania, exit polls showed a whopping 20% actually listed race as a top factor in how they voted. That's a lot of honest people for an exit poll, and also means there is a significantly higher amount that really felt that way. 8% of the whites said they wouldn't vote for a black president, which is definitely on the low side. I have bad news to those who think this is a colorblind society: not anywhere close and it's because both "sides" still consider race a big factor in ANYTHING. The media really feeds on those feelings too because it generates the buzz that gets them revenues and more stories to run.

The idea that Obama has high crossover support is being put to rest finally, though it should have been obvious. His base is the usual white "progressive liberals" who will vote Dem no matter what and get excited and will pump money into a very liberal candidate, and around 90% of black voters. The "independent" voter is making up their minds late in these primaries and seem to be bandwagon jumping on and off. White women and older voters are especially going for Shillary, two groups that are going to get a lot of attention from McCain and also two groups that I'd put at the top of the list as far as voting race above all else.

After the Clintons bloody up Obama well before November while McCain keeps a low-profile and fine-tunes the tried-and-true Repub cynical attack campaign, come November it's another Repub president, and in a landslide.

The problem the Dems have besides an insane super delegate system that allows this campaign to continue after it's really been decided is that a lot of lefties think the voters are a lot more enlightened and open-minded than they are. A black guy-especially a very left-leaning one- isn't going to be elected President any time soon. On the other side, all these Repubs that have said things like "I'd vote for Colin Powell....Condi Rice....etc"......uh, not many of them really would. They say it to try to appear open-minded and unbiased. They ain't. It sure sounds nice to say you don't put race as a factor, but it surely is once some people are in the voting booth.

There will be a lot of howls from the Obama side when the election is over about how race affected strongly the outcome and how prejudiced whitey is, ignoring the fact that the same kind of element exists within their ranks also. They are simply outnumbered though, and there aren't enough of the white big-libs to make up the difference. When you are in the majority and race is a big factor, you're a bigot and oppressor. When you are in the minority and race is a big factor, you're "sticking together" against The Man. The dream that someone like Obama can bridge the giant gap between these two sides is still years off. Maybe he's laying the groundwork and the next flag-bearer will not be as "liberal" and will have a better chance, but it's not going to happen this year. Obama was very dead-on accurate about some PA voters and it's not just in PA either.

The Dems strategy of late has been to try and figure out a way to win the Electoral College without any southern states,to just write those states off and concentrate on others. That strategy hasn't worked yet, and the key states in it actually being successful for once is winning places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida. FL has had an enormously popular Repub Gov in Jeb Bush and now has one just as popular in Crist. The Dems down there committed self-inflicted disenfranchisement. Looks very McCain to me. Ohio and PA went for Hillary and are fertile grounds for McCain because there are sizeable white voting populations and seniors there. The South? Red state headquarters.

This November election is going to reward the Repubs despite all their faults and having a bad choice for Pres simply because the Dems lost sight of WINNING and instead thought that progressive thinking was far more popular than it is. Yeah, that's a cynical view but it's reality until proven otherwise.

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Submitted by carbonunit52 on Wed, 04/23/2008 - 8:43am.

I did not know that. I learn so much reading these posts.

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Submitted by NUK_1 on Wed, 04/23/2008 - 2:39pm.

That's my public service for the day. Any other keen insights will cost you $$$$.

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