tennfan1: Commando raid in town today?

I was at the gym today when something rather odd happened. I saw two police cars drive by, followed by a rather shabby-looking van, another car, and then another police car.

tennfan1: I am not a criminal

It saddens me to see people label teenagers as pot-smoking, promiscuous ne'er-do-wells. I am none of those, and yet people become so brazen as to label all of us as such. Many of the people I know are well on their way to become independent, productive citizens. Nearly all of us will become citizens not unlike yourselves one day. Consider who you were in high school and who you are now.

tennfan1: WHS Political Club?

By the way, are there any WHS students out there interested in starting a political club? We wouldn't make any party affiliations, but it would be for anybody who's interested in general politics.

tennfan1: A message of solidarity

I must say that I totally support the protests at Fayette County High as recounted in the Free Speech section. Our rights as given to us by the Constitution are being eroded in the name of security and safety.

tennfan1: Snow Day!

Happy snow day everyone! After a long year's drought, it's good to see a little precipitation, whatever the form. Though, I would like to send a modest plea to the FCBOE: give us Thursday off! A one-day break does wonders for morale, which is pretty low as it is.

tennfan1: A Happy (and rather tipsy) New Year's

I attended a concert at the Fox on New Year's Eve. It was a great concert overall (good music, no violence), but the one thing I couldn't help but notice was the man next to me wavering and stepping on my toes.

tennfan1: Where's the green?!

When it comes to things that I can't change, I try not to complain. I like living in Fayette County. The climate is fair (usually), the people are nice (mostly), the area is safe from serious crime (generally), and the schools are good (or so I'm told). But the one thing that bothers me about living here is the severe lack of accessible green space, parks, and nature.

tennfan1: Are we becoming less intelligent?

Sitting in my classes yesterday, I realized just how unintelligent we as Americans are becoming. I'm not referring to a lack of academic knowledge (issue as that may be) but the simple lack of common sense.

tennfan1: Problems

It would seem to me that we here in Fayette County do have our share of issues and problems. But, it is also apparent that little is ever done about these issues and problems until they reach a bursting point. So often we can point out what others are doing wrong but rarely can we bring ourselves to do anything about it. It's a contagious syndrome that affects every one of us on a certain level. We all see problems, but we assume that someone else will take care of it. We subconsciously hope, often erroneously, that we will not be forced to deal with the problems before us. If everyone were to "step up to the plate", as the saying goes, every time they saw a problem, I would guess that bursting issues would be few and far between, a welcome thought in our "knee-jerk reflex" world.

tennfan1: One more question

Just one more question: How did The Citizen get access to this person's Myspace page? Do they know someone who does? Do they have some sort of connection with someone who can access any of the pages?

tennfan1: What's with this?

It seems to me that there is a rash of rumors breaking out all over the school system regarding violence. I don't know what to make of it all, but it's personally troubling to me.

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