Sniffles: Poor Ann Coulter

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Ann Coulter's 15 minutes of fame appear to be just about up.

Her latest book, "If Democrats had any brains, etc" debuted at #1 but rapidly fell out of the top ten. It was on the NY Times bestseller list for a scant 4 weeks and has sold 97,000 copies. It is now at #178 nationwide.

Sniffles: Merry Christmas from the Cal Beverly Dancers!

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Cal and the gang making a total elf of themselves.


Sniffles: 400 Days!

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400 days from today (December 16th, 2007) America will see the end of the worst presidency of our lifetime, that of George W. Bush. To which I can only say: "Thank GOD!"

Sniffles: The Department of Transportation

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Most folks believe that the state Department of Transportation is a mess.

This morning's AJC (12/13) indicated that the DOT has almost 300 current projects and a backlog of almost 9000 projects!!

Sniffles: The McIntosh Symphony Orchestra

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Last night was the very first time that the McIntosh Symphonic Strings and the McIntosh Symphonic Band ever played together as a complete orchestra.

Sniffles: The Great Debate for 12/10/07: Socialized Medicine

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We have a number of well-educated folks here from all sorts of political persuasions. I thought I'd see if a good old fashioned debate might work in these forums.

Sniffles: The Peachtree City Playbook

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Here's how the "moneyed elite" ("developers" is too constricting a term) do things around here:

1. Identify pliable candidates who will do their bidding

Sniffles: Rep. Westmoreland's 2007 accomplishments

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Below is a list of every single resolution, proposed law and amendment offered by our esteemed Representative in Congress, Georgia's "do-nothing" Lynn Westmoreland:

Sniffles: Fayette Homosexuals and You

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What are your feelings towards homosexuals?

Fayette county is a very conservative county, yet I get the distinct impression that homosexuals here are almost *gasp* tolerated here.

Sniffles: "The Black Gash of Shame" 25 years later

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25 years ago yesterday, November 11, 1982, the Vietnam Wall opened on the Mall in Washington D.C.

I remember the furor that arose when Maya Lin's design was selected back in 1981. Conservative groups were outraged, calling her masterpiece "the black ditch" and "the black gash of shame"...and those were just the names that could be printed in a family newspaper.

Sniffles: If the 2008 Presidential election was tomorrow...

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If the 2008 Presidential election were tomorrow, who would you vote for?

I'm not interested in hearing who you WOULDN'T vote for, there is plenty of that "I'm against so-and-so" garbage elsewhere in this blog.

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