Sunday, April 4, 2004

Moose still needs approval from committee to be in the clear

The moose sculpture at Bugaboo Creek Steak House may get its reprieve after all.

Witnesses sought for Sunday morning Burger King heist

An early-rising armed robber hit the Fayetteville Burger King Sunday morning, catching the store manager by surprise, police said.

Clayton traffic cop arrested for striking son with belt

A Clayton County policeman was arrested this week on a felony charge for going over the top while striking his son with a belt at their Fayetteville home, police said.

Fayetteville’s massage therapy law change put on hold

Changes to a Fayetteville ordinance that would allow licensed massage therapists to practice on their own were tabled Thursday night by the City Council.

Serious injuries avoided in bus crash on Hwy. 85 South

Seven school children from Whitewater Middle School were injured when the school bus they were riding in pulled out in front of a pickup truck on Ga. Highway 85 South Wednesday afternoon, police said.

Tigers cool Chiefs on diamond

On a night better suited for football or ice fishing, the Fayette County Tigers traveled down the road Wednesday to take on their rivals, the McIntosh Chiefs.

I Admit It: My Senior Moments Are Piling Up

I admit it. I’m becoming forgetful. I make a mental note, but can’t remember where I put it. I lay down my reading glasses, and then have to hunt for them. I open the fridge, but can’t recall what I was looking for. I start to do something, but then get side-tracked, and don’t complete what I started until I’m reminded. I start to say something, but if I get interrupted, I lose my train of thought. I leave myself messages on my voice mail at work to remind me to do important things. Sometimes I remember how to get into the voice mail. Did I already take my pill, or was I about to take my pill?

Thinking like a soldier

This came from my good friend Jeff Green in Korea. Although most of us are civilians who will be reading this, I believe he has a lot to say to us spiritually. God Bless you, Jeff, as you serve.

Tell me who you are
Contribuing Writer

I have an assignment for you folks this week. I want you to tell me who you are.