Coweta County under minority rule

Thu, 07/23/2009 - 3:43pm
By: warrior16

I found this website on

amazing statistics that I think anyone living in Fayette County needs to consider, as to the future of this county.

From that link:

This is not a joke. Black people, led by Sheriff Victor Hill in 2005, celebrated the "liberation" of Clayton County from white rule and into the worthy hands of Black people dominion:

"Driven by an influx of African-American professionals to a suburb long steeped in Civil War history and legend, Clayton County opened the year with its first black-majority government, including the County Commission, district attorney, solicitor general, magistrate and sheriff.

''It's a time of great excitement for the county,'' said Wole Ralph, a black 27-year-old financial consultant whose first try for public office landed him a seat on the five-member commission.

But the celebratory moment in the land of Tara where Margaret Mitchell set her 1936 novel, ''Gone With the Wind,'' has been all but eclipsed by the uproar over the new sheriff's mass firing of 27 supervisors, deputies and correction officers, many of them white. They had been summoned by their new boss, Sheriff Victor Hill, to the Clayton County Jail on Monday under the pretext of being sworn in. Instead, they were relieved of their weapons, badges and official cars by armed colleagues and offered rides home in prisoner vans under the eyes of snipers posted on the roof."

Since this wonderful moment for Black people, which preceded the election of Barack Obama by three years, Clayton County has lost its accreditation for its School System; had to pay $7 million in suits made by those white police officers who were illegally fired; and more importantly, rated second in the nation for subprime mortgages and highest for foreclosures in metro Atlanta:

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Submitted by hutch866 on Thu, 07/23/2009 - 4:20pm.

And this relates to Coweta how?

I yam what I yam....Popeye

Submitted by Spyglass on Thu, 07/23/2009 - 4:43pm.

I also think it needs to be said that Victor Hill is GONE from Clayton County, and the school system currently has its accreditation back.

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Submitted by Cyclist on Thu, 07/23/2009 - 4:50pm.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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