Paul Perkins: Courage from the Chairman of the Commissioners

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Having a overall distrust of all elected officers, I found it refreshing reading the link below where Chairman Smith answered the charges being made about the county's budget.

Paul Perkins: Personhood according to the man on the street

Paul Perkins: Warning! This could (and probably will) make you sick.

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To Hack et al:

Hack and I have had a number of good spirited debates on the pro-life subjects. I’ve never backed away from the hard questions.

Paul Perkins: Dress for Success Bi-partisan models

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On the lighter side----

It appears that there is a standard resignation uniform for both Democrats and Republicans. Smiling

Paul Perkins: 2008 Democratic National Convention

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Just got my copy in the mail and wanted to share with all those with reservations.

Republican schedule will be released next week.

Paul Perkins: Combining two current topics

Paul Perkins: Political Correctness has run amok!

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This PC stuff is everywhere! I was in a music store looking for some seasonal songs and found that someone had replaced the traditional Rudolph song with the following.

Paul Perkins: Dangerous new medication

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If you follow national politics, you may need to
hear this video about a new medicine

Paul Perkins: Matt Norton updates

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Here's a link to a blog that will update on Matt's progress.

Paul Perkins: Defending John Edwards

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I disagree with this guy on most things political, but being consistent means you stand up for everybody’s rights, not just those people that agree with you.

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