RuKiddin: The Real James Beverage

I am not writing this for any other reason then to show the truth about something that happened. If you don't believe me, then use a GOOGLE search, put in Thomas Mindar for a search, then scroll down to the second or third link for the Citizen Online. When you get to that particular blog, scroll down some more and read the comments under it. If you check both links, you will be in for a surprise.

RuKiddin: Thats MISTER Forrest Gump

Hey, it sounds like you are aiming a little low James. You do know that this is the BLOG site right?
Good Lord, why run for a lowly Sheriff's position when you could be MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE? I am not dogging you at all. It sure sounds like you have got Patton beat on the battlefield. But...

RuKiddin: College and the school of common sense

Just because you don't have a degree, doesn't mean you wouldn't be a good cop. As a matter of fact, sometimes, it means just the opposite. Common sense is the most valuable tool that a cop can have.

RuKiddin: Time to Man up

This is a direct response to GiveMeABreak4507. For one, everyone knows who you are. And the sole reason that your canidate might lose is because of his association to you. It is a shame that the public is speaking out and stating their opinion, and the first thing you think is that it must be one of the other canidates for Sheriff.

RuKiddin: Who's Fault?

Its amazing to me that people will blame the police for an accident caused by a fleeing Felon. I agree it it sad that this chase ended in an accident with a death. That isn't something that any officer would ever want to happen or go through.

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