The Real James Beverage

I am not writing this for any other reason then to show the truth about something that happened. If you don't believe me, then use a GOOGLE search, put in Thomas Mindar for a search, then scroll down to the second or third link for the Citizen Online. When you get to that particular blog, scroll down some more and read the comments under it. If you check both links, you will be in for a surprise.
There are several comments which directly attack the credibility of three of the canidates for sheriff in 2008.
Mr. Beverage went online, under a alias or anonymous name, and printed HIS opinion about Wayne Hannah, Thomas Mindar and Barry Babb. These are three of the five canidates actively running for sheriff in Fayette County in 2008. The other two canidates are Al Hogan and Mr. Beverage himself.
What Jim DIDN't know, was that when he changed his screen name to his REAL name, all of his previous blogs were then listed under his NEW screen name. HIS REAL NAME!
Because of this, the truth comes to light.
Mr. Beverage, a sheriff canidate, posted his real name on the internet to show everyone how HE wasn't going to hide behind a fake name. He also said that HE wasn't going to attack other canidates or make them look bad.
Unfortunately Jim, you already have. Not only did you do this, there is a PERMANET RECORD of you doing it. Changing your screen name again would only make you look even worse. I personally have made copies of your attacks UNDER YOUR REAL NAME and will gladly show them to you or anyone else that would like to see them. But, you really don't have to come to me. Heck, YOU PRINTED THEM OUT IN A NEWSPAPER!!!!

Good luck with your campaign Jim.

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Submitted by RuKiddin on Mon, 07/09/2007 - 4:30pm.

Your not paying attention to what I wrote. I didn't DOG out your buddy Jim, I simply DISPLAYED what HE wrote. Since when did Fact become conclusion?
I thought Dalmations were smart?!!?!? Anyone can vote for anyone. Just because your pal attempted to smear some of the other canidates, and GOT CAUGHT, is not a reason for you to attack one of the victims. Maybe you ought to read what I wrote again. And maybe, you ought to read what HE wrote again.
I didn't smear your boy or attack him in anyway. I just pointed out what he had done and was trying to do to other people. If you take that for anything than for what it is, that speaks volumes about you.
Oh, and as for CHARACTER, doesn't a man's actions define his character? My short list wouldn't include deception and an insulting nature. Happy voting.

Submitted by Dalmation195 on Tue, 07/10/2007 - 4:58am.

I have read the excerpts from the person who is posting themselves as James B. and I still don't see anything that even remotely appears to be deceitful, factually incorrect or in poor character. He is certainly entitled to his own opinion about the experience of any of the candidates.

Let me make one thing clear, I have known Wayne for about 30 years, Al Hogan for about 30 years, Jim Beveridge for about 20 years and Barry Babb for about 10 years. I have not decided on which will get my vote at this point, but let me ask a question. Is Jim Beveridge actually an announced candidate or is it still merely speculation?

Is it at all possible (and I haven't been following this too closely as of yet) that this is not really Jim posting these? I seem to remember that during the Eric Maxwell vs Greg Dunn campaign there were numerous persons posting very similar styles of writing under different screen names.

Although this is fun and a good way to disseminate information, how much do we really know about the posters?

Let's not start throwing blows, all of these men are great. I can see me being happy with the outcome of this race regardless.

Always keep in mind what the alternative could have been "BJ."

Submitted by Dalmation195 on Mon, 07/09/2007 - 11:58am.

Let's just set the record straight on this. I have known three of the five candidates for nearly 30 years, and another for 10 years or so. I do not know Mr. Mindar at all, however. It would seem to me that if one were to pick a new Sheriff for Fayette County, experience would certainly be a HIGH PRIORITY on the qualifications list. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that D/S Mindar is not qualified to be Sheriff (under the law), but is he the right choice.

I have not made my mind up as of yet, but when each of the other 4 candidates measure their experience in decades, then they certainly get a look first. Randall may have been young when he was elected, but he did have considerable law enforcement experience.

Having said all of that, I will now defend Jim Beveridge vociferously and loudly. He is a quality law enforcement officer and has the character that this county needs now to move forward with our growing population. He has experience outside of Fayette County in many facets of law enforcement from the street level to administrative.

Don't for one minute think that Jim is not an excellent choice for this position. He is on my short list for now (at least in the top 4)!

And please, let's not throw rocks as we all live in glass houses.

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Submitted by Basmati on Mon, 07/09/2007 - 7:04am.

It would appear Mr. Beverage is playing games and has an issue with Thomas Mindar.

I recall when Mr. Beverage first came around here and posted his resume. I was intrigued and asked him a couple of innocuous questions that I thought were germane to the position ("how many people at one time have you directly supervised?" and "what are your three major priorities for the sheriff's department?")

I was surprised at his answers, or should I say "non-answers". He basically said he didn't like to answer questions in blogs, he didn't know who I was and that I should ask the other candidates these questions first and then he'd answer.

You know that old phrase about you never get a second chance to make a good first impression? I wrote Mr. Beverage off that day as an amateur...if he can't answer "softball" questions like that he has no business being sheriff.

Submitted by skyspy on Mon, 07/09/2007 - 7:01am.

Is this jim beverage person a sheriff's deputy? Is he currently in lawenforcement? He sounds like a knucklehead.

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