SouthernBelle: VA Admits Vet Suicide Rates Are High

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First, let me say this: When Veterans come home with "Invisible Wounds" they still need help. Without proper mental health care and treatment those wounds will become very visible. Does a Veteran have to commit or attempt to commit suicide to get the proper care? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING, and WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP?!

SouthernBelle: Take a Veteran To School Day

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Donna Teresa: Take a Veteran to School Day

by Donna Teresa, Homefront Journal

I t's back-to-school time for many young people across America. We spend summers preparing our children to take with them all the essential supplies needed for class — backpacks, lunches, books, pencils, binders, etc. How could students function without the necessary tools for a productive school day?

SouthernBelle: Story, not found in the Citizen:

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I hope you all understand that this is not isolated. I see and deal with soldiers like Sgt. Jimenez daily. We have to do something. What can YOU do to help?

SouthernBelle: Rules According to the

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SouthernBelle: Here We Go Again

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So, I'm back...for a while, anyway. Stop reading now if you don't want to know about my life and what's going on in it. Dollar, that means you; you tend to comment on things when they don't inspire bickering and differences of opinions, so you can stop reading now.

SouthernBelle: Coweta County Code Enforcement

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Does anyone have another number for Coweta County Code Enforcement? I've dialled the (770)254-2669 number every day at different times (multiple times) and never get an answer.

SouthernBelle: I have an Idea!

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I have this really great idea! Okay, the basis for this idea is my personal situation, but here goes: First, a little history.

SouthernBelle: OH MY GOSH!

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Can you believe that those boys, Joshua and Justin Moulder who killed the puppy by BAKING IT IN AN OVEN only got TEN YEARS?!?! I don't care what some high powered African American man says, those boys deserved to go to prison for 90 years.

SouthernBelle: So, this is what the end feels like

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It has been so hard with all the Workmans' Comp stuff, without an attorney, I've had to figure stuff out on my own by reading all the laws, then looking up the legal terms in the laws, and filing all the right papers, and negotiating a settlement that's fair not only for us, but for the insurance company as well, we don't think they should be "taken" for all they're worth.

SouthernBelle: Please, Just Consider A Shelter Critter

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I have been looking into getting a dog for our family for about three years now. We decided on a few breeds that we liked, namely, the Great Dane, the Neopolitan Mastiff, and the Cane Corso.

SouthernBelle: Speaking of...

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You know, I was just reminded of how angry it makes me that because SO MANY people want to "take" the government for every thing they can.

SouthernBelle: Happy New Year to Me

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Happy New Year to me and mine. I hope so deeply that this year will be better than the last few. It has been so so hard. We didn't deserve the last two years horrors, but we got them, and we deal with them.

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