head_ragg: Tyrone Speed Traps have sunk to an all time low!

An over 65, retired preacher, from Coweta came down the 74 off ramp onto Senoia Rd. in Tyrone. Well aware of Tyrone's speed traps, made a point to stop. By the time he turned right and got to the 4 way stop, the female police officer was on him with her blue lights.

head_ragg: Ok ...I'm not gonna let go of this Dixon thing

I wasn't going to say this...but I found a long time ago, just being nice will give you ulcers. I have nothing against the Dixson kid, but this is the deal. I think it is nice that some people at the BOE found it in their hearts to move heaven and earth for this kid n his family, put the younger girls in private school, etc., but, are you so naive to believe that there are other people out there, (taxpayers), that ..DON'T.. have it hard also? I know I can't be the only one, but one of many, single women in this county, that have worked when they didn't want to, guilt ridden, sent a sick child off to school, because they would get fired if they stayed home with them. I know there are many women, and men, for that matter,in this county, who have made a lot of sacrifices, to live here...AND.. PAY THE TAXES..for their kids to have a better life, and go to these schools.

head_ragg: Abandoned Whitewater redheaded stepchildren's parents

Have you guys given any thought to getting a petition going to DEMAND the FCBOE tell you who and how many and the circumtances of each out of county child that is attending White water, or any of the schools here for that matter? There is power in numbers.

head_ragg: School Board Meeting last night..anyone tell what was said?

Can anyone who went tell us what was said, or asked, and what the response was from the School Board?
Did anyone ask why the kids from North Fayette along the Clayton county line are bussed all the way to Sandy Creek and not sent to Fayette County High which is much closer? Why the children were pulled instead from Lakemont to fill up Fayette County High?

head_ragg: Tyrone Police and tickets

Wake up Tyrone council members! You voted in lower speed zones all over town and a stop sign on every corner, now, you have the police preying on us at every opportunity.

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