Dalmation195: Greg Dunn

Today, I received a direct mailer from the Greg Dunn Campaign. Every issue was portrayed so very inaccurately by Mr. Dunn that I felt compelled to write here.

Dalmation195: People, let's think!!!

Here we go again. Greg Dunn and Linda Wells have qualified to run for County offices again. They both were defeated two years ago when the voters made a statement about the policies of the Board of Commissioners that they were a part of.

Dalmation195: Great Georgia Airshow

I truly enjoy reading this paper. It allows all of us to keep up with important events in our community on a daily basis.

Dalmation195: Clayton/Fayette joined at the hip!!!!

Read this article recently posted in the local Clayton County Newspaper, and you will see just why those of us who have lived here for decades are concerned with the southward migration from the more urban areas north of us.

Dalmation195: Lieberman

Now is the time for all of you good republicans to send Joe Lieberman some campaign contributions.

I think that he will prevail in November, but please help him out.

Dalmation195: There is a Mandate!

I have been very quiet over the past few weeks during this election cycle. There has been quite a bit of mudslinging and name calling in the past month or so, but now it is over.

Dalmation195: SHERIFF WINS!!!!!!!!!!

Just so everybody knows, Judge Ison has ruled in the favor of the Sheriff! He said that the Sheriff has the authority to spen his money any way he sees fit. He must notify the county before disposing of any property, but the county can not in any form or fashion dictate to the Sheriff's Department how to spend money. The Judge also chastised both telling them to sit down and work this out and stop wasting taxpayer money.

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