DarthDubious: The Who Sing to the Obama Faithful

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As soon as I heard that The Who would be the halftime entertainment at the Super Bowl, the timeliness of what would likely be their last song immediately crossed my mind. However, that didn’t lessen the impact of seeing the aging rockers belt out their classic, “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” although this time with more significance for America than at any time since the song was written. The enthusiastic crowd — thousands of whom undoubtedly sport Obama/Biden bumper stickers on their vehicles — joined Townshend and Daltrey in thunderous unison each time the line “We don’t get fooled again” was sung. Ironically, the extent to which the song indicts Obama was probably lost on all, save the venerable old Englishmen themselves, who hail from a bygone era when the left was actually anti-establishment.

DarthDubious: TRUE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT BEWARE: Tea Party Sarah is a Neocon

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Sarah Palin delivered a speech prior to her keynote at the Republican Tea Party fest in Nashville scheduled for this weekend. In addition to touching on government spending and the bankster bailout, Palin said the underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab should have been grilled before he was read his Miranda rights.

DarthDubious: For Bonkers: Former Brit Chancellor Calls For Independent Inquiry Into Climategate as Global Warming Fraud Implodes!!!

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Calls for an independent inquiry into what is being dubbed “Climategate” are growing as the foundation for man-made global warming implodes following the release of emails which prove researchers colluded to manipulate data in order to “hide the decline” in global temperatures.

DarthDubious: Hallelujah!!! Fake Global Warming Data Exposed by Hackers

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Hackers 'expose global warming con': Sceptics claim that leaked emails reveal research centre massaged temperature data.

DarthDubious: Pittsburgh: Beta Test for a Police State

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The G-20 police response in Pittsburgh was a beta test. “We spent months getting ready for this and it was a lot of preparation, but we’ll see the dividends of that for a long time to come,” Public Safety Director Michael Huss told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

DarthDubious: Newsweek Cover Story: The Case for Killing Granny (?!?!?!)

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The Case for Killing Granny

Sorry folks most of the negative info about the Obama Eugenics, oops I mean Healthcare Bill is true. It will never be admitted on your TV, but the bad guys know most people do very little reading, and they love to brag about their plans for us.

DarthDubious: “The Real War is Between the Average American and the Ruling Class …Who Would Make Us Their Slaves"

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Sometimes the message is great, no matter what you think of the messenger.

Larry Flynt – yes, that Larry Flynt – wrote today on Huffington Post:

DarthDubious: The Start of the Second American Revolution?

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For a long time people have been asking why Americans are not up in arms, screaming and shouting about their fast disappearing liberties along with the continuous passage of legislation that they vehemently oppose, from the banker bailout, to the cap and trade bill, to Obamacare. Well now they are screaming and shouting – and if the momentum continues to build, this rebellion could the spark to ignite the second American revolution.

DarthDubious: White House Science Advisor Holdren: Infants Not Human Beings

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The infamous Holdren quotes from the 1977 ‘Ecoscience’ textbook, proposing forced sterilizations and other draconian measures to bring about mass death, are no incidental exercises in academic frivolity. In the 1973 publication ‘Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions’, co-authored by his old buddies, the Ehrlichs, Holdren wrote quite candidly about his basic view on human life, providing us with a peek at the undergrowth out of which the Ecoscience document has emerged, proposing among other things a ‘planetary regime’ to assume command of matters of life and death.

DarthDubious: Obama as the Joker

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Michael Shaw, over at Huffington Post, does not seem to understand the Obama-as-Joker poster. “Regarding the image specifically, I’m interested in your read, particularly Obama in chalky white face. Besides the allusion to the President as a psychopath and more insidiously, a man behind a mask, does the chalk exploit race by suggesting the man is playing at being white? What I’m also concerned about, aside from the psycho-Joker reference, is the association to violence (emphasized by the gang tags in the background), Obama with the bloody mouth and, particularly, a couple of black eyes,” muses Shaw.

DarthDubious: What is the Federal Reserve REALLY Trying to Hide in Fighting an Audit?

DarthDubious: Rep. Ron Paul M.D. On Cash for Clunkers

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Campaign for Liberty
Tuesday, August 4, 2009


DarthDubious: We Do Not Know the Truth of This Matter, So Questions NEED to be ANSWERED!!!

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The first attachment photo shows the purported Obama Birth certificate.

The Second attachment photo shows the birth certificates of twins Susan and Gretchen Nordyke, who were both born on August 5, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, the day after Obama was allegedly born there.

DarthDubious: Cars.gov: Login and the Government Owns Your Computer

DarthDubious: N.C. Terrorist Arrests Cued to Coincide with NLE ‘09

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On Monday, the feds swooped down on an alleged terror group plotting murder and mayhem in North Carolina. A federal indictment against the gang claims Raleigh drywall contractor Daniel Patrick Boyd and associates sought to wage “violent jihad” abroad and engaged in “military-style training at home,” according to the Associated Press. Specific details are not provided by the government.

DarthDubious: What’s the Establishment Got to Hide?

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In a puzzling editorial in Friday’s edition, the Washington Post blasted the Federal Reserve Transparency Act as “an unserious answer to a serious question.” The Post, which tends to be predictably liberal and quite bland in its editorial pronouncements, used unusually harsh language, calling the bill “wrongheaded in the extreme.” The Post fears the legislation “would destroy financial markets’ faith in the Fed and, by extension, the value of the U.S. dollar, just as surely as a political ‘audit’ of the Supreme Court’s deliberations would undercut public faith in the justice system.”

DarthDubious: Great Britain's Swine Flu Advisor On Vaccine Maker’s Payroll

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Many people seem genuinely baffled that western governments are hyping the arrival of a swine flu pandemic as if it’s the greatest threat to humanity since the bubonic plague, despite the relatively low number of deaths from the virus, unaware that the pharmaceutical industry has been intimately joined at the hip with the state for decades.

DarthDubious: 12,000 U.S. Children To Be Swine Flu Vaccine Guinea Pigs

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Around 12,000 U.S. children will be used as guinea pigs for an experimental swine flu vaccine known to contain the dangerous ingredient squalene, which has been directly linked with cases of Gulf War Syndrome and a host of other debilitating diseases.

DarthDubious: FEMA to Conduct Massive NLE 09 Martial Law Exercise Next Week

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Earlier this week, the Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Craig Fugate met with several state governors to discuss “emergency preparedness,” according to a press release posted on FEMA’s website. “FEMA is committed to protecting and assisting our states and citizens during disasters,” said Fugate. “By working together and strengthening relationships at the state level, we can continue to build the national emergency response team which includes FEMA, as well as state, local, tribal and federal partners, the private sector and faith-based organizations. The work we are putting in now to build this team will go a long way during the next disaster.”

DarthDubious: Maj. Gen. Albert Stubblebine III(Ret) & Dr. Rima E. Laibow MD aren't Crazy, They KNOW What They are Talking About is True!!!

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They have both been studying and researching for YEARS.

DarthDubious: Hillary Clinton: ‘CFR Tells Government What It Should Be Doing’

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Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s opening remarks during her speech to the Council on Foreign Relations yesterday will have done little to dampen accusations that the elitist CFR pulls the strings of the U.S. government.

DarthDubious: Stop the Possibility of Forced Vaccinations, and Forced Detention/Quarantine

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Goto: HealthFreedomUSA.org

Click on: Tell Legislators You Want the Right to Self-Quarantine in the Event of a Pandemic, Not Forced Vaccinations

DarthDubious: These Are the People Who Do Not Want the Fed’s Veil of Criminal Activity Lifted

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J. P. Morgan and the bankster elite want Federal Reserve opacity, not transparency.

The following individuals whose primary goal in life is getting tenure and publishing a textbook, yet believe they have a voice in deciding whether over 300 million American people should know just whose interests the Fed so staunchly protects, have issued an open letter to Congress and The Executive Branch, demanding that no one ever dare tinker or have audit powers over the private institution that is the Federal Reserve. Those who run hedge funds, operate semi-failed companies, work for an Investment Bank, especially taxpayer bailed out ones, or are otherwise conflicted, are numbered.

DarthDubious: The Plot Thickens as African Media Announces: Obama Returned To “Continent Of His Birth”

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Ghanaian news outlet claim sure to raise eyebrows of birth certificate skeptics

A major Ghanaian news outlet has been caught in a revealing slip-up after it reported that President Barack Obama’s recent visit to the African country was a return to his birthplace.

DarthDubious: Fed Independence or Fed Secrecy?

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Last week it was very pleasing to learn that hearings were held on the independence of the Federal Reserve System. The bill HR 1207, known as the Federal Reserve Transparency Act, was discussed at length, as well as the general question of whether or not the Federal Reserve should continue to operate independently.

DarthDubious: Obama Science Czar’s Plan To Sterilize Population Through Water Supply Already Happening

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Antiandrogens discovered in lakes and rivers are feminizing men as global sperm counts plummet

Shocking proposals to mass sterilize the population by artificially medicating municipal water supplies, which were outlined by President Obama’s top science czar in his 1977 book Ecoscience, are already in effect as global sperm counts drop and gender-bending chemicals pollute our rivers and lakes.

DarthDubious: Federal Reserve Threatens Congress Over HR 1207: CALL YOUR SENATORS AND GET THIS BILL S 604 PASSED

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On Thursday of last week, the Federal Reserve’s vice chairman, Donald Kohn, threatened to jack up interest rates if Congress continues to expose “some of the U.S. central bank’s most sensitive decisions to political scrutiny,” Reuters reported. “Any substantial erosion of the Federal Reserve’s monetary independence likely would lead to higher long-term interest rates as investors begin to fear future inflation,” Kohn told a House of Representatives Financial Services subcommittee.

DarthDubious: Beware William Tell’s Second Arrow

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“You Swiss are so proud of your 500,000-man citizen militia…. But what will you do if a 1,000,000-man German Army comes marching across your border?”

DarthDubious: John Holdren, Obama’s Science Czar: Forced Abortions and Mass Sterilization Needed to Save the Planet

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Forced abortions. Mass sterilization. A “Planetary Regime” with the power of life and death over American citizens.

DarthDubious: The Truth about the Flu Shot

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If the government mandates a series of flu shots this fall — so far they are only “recommending” the shots — you can expect to get a dose of thimerosal (mercury), formaldehyde, detergent, MF-59 (an oil-based adjuvant), and other toxins.

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