Federal Reserve Threatens Congress Over HR 1207: CALL YOUR SENATORS AND GET THIS BILL S 604 PASSED

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On Thursday of last week, the Federal Reserve’s vice chairman, Donald Kohn, threatened to jack up interest rates if Congress continues to expose “some of the U.S. central bank’s most sensitive decisions to political scrutiny,” Reuters reported. “Any substantial erosion of the Federal Reserve’s monetary independence likely would lead to higher long-term interest rates as investors begin to fear future inflation,” Kohn told a House of Representatives Financial Services subcommittee.

Kohn’s threat came as Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve (HR 1207) has picked up 256 co-sponsors — more than 55% of the House of Representatives. HR 1207’s companion bill in the Senate, S 604, has already attracted 8 co-sponsors. Kohn and his boss Ben Bernanke are obviously very concerned over the prospect that the American people may soon have a look at their books.

Ron Paul: “political shenanigans” going on with the Fed.

Kohn went before Congress as debate rages over Obama’s plan for “regulatory reform,” in effect granting the Fed power to gobble up companies in national socialist fashion and consolidate banking and securities across the board. In order to quell outrage over this brazen power grab, Obama and his bankster advisers propose a token council of regulators advise the Fed.

On June 16, Goldman Sachs operative Timothy Geithner said: “When you have too many people involved, there’s an accountability problem.” In other words, Congress and the American people need to mind their own business. The Federal Reserve is an institution owned by the bankers, not the American people.

“Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are the United States government’s institutions,” Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the Committee on Banking and Currency in 1932 during the “Great Depression,” had entered into the Congressional Record. “They are not government institutions. They are private credit monopolies which prey upon the people of the United States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign swindlers.”

McFadden’s international swindlers are running scared from HR 1207 and public anger over last year’s engineered financial crisis and Fed-orchestrated “bailouts” of investment bank Bear Stearns and insurer American International Group.

“The Federal Reserve strongly believes that removing the statutory limits on GAO audits of monetary policy matters would be contrary to the public interest by tending to undermine the independence and efficacy of monetary policy,” said Kohn. He said accountability to the people would “cast a chill” on monetary policy deliberations held in secret behind closed doors.

Kohn then threatened to jack up interest rates. “The bond rating agencies view operational independence of a country’s central bank as an important factor in determining sovereign credit ratings, suggesting that a threat to the Federal Reserve’s independence could lower the Treasury’s debt rating and thus raise its cost of borrowing.”

Bernanke’s underling made no bones about the fact Paul’s bill is a direct threat to the “independence” of the Federal Reserve. “History provides numerous examples of non-independent central banks being forced to finance large government budget deficits. Such episodes invariably lead to high inflation,” he said. “Given the current outlook for large federal budget deficits in the United States, this consideration is especially important.”

Talk about doublespeak. In fact, the Federal Reserve is all about huge federal budget deficits and a mounting federal debt. The Federal Reserve was established in 1913 by the banksters for the purpose of creating debt-based money secured by thin air. The American people are seriously and terminally indebted to the bankers and currently owe over $400 billion a year in interest alone, with no hope of every paying off the principal, which is in the tens of trillions.

In 1910, before the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, the federal debt was a mere $1 billion, or $12.40 per citizen. Now the overall debt is over 80% of the annual output of the entire U.S. economy, as measured by the gross domestic product. When government “obligations” are considered, the debt balloons to an astronomical $56 trillion, or roughly $184,000 per American, according to the Peter G. Peterson Foundation.

It is simple, really — the larger the debt, the richer and more powerful the international bankers become. The Federal Reserve is their front organization and it runs roughshod over Congress.

The passage of HR 1207 is not certain and it faces an even more strenuous uphill battle in the Senate. It is, at this point, our only practical hope of auditing the Fed, revealing its numerous crimes, exposing its mega-grand theft scams, and delivering Donald Kohn, his boss Bernanke, and the minions of the international banksters to justice.

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Submitted by Whitetop on Mon, 07/13/2009 - 5:52pm.

So this criminal activity by a secret bank has been going on for 100 years. If this is true, the real criminals have been the Congress who have let it happen contrary to their respective oaths of office.
It's definitely time for the next Revolution. 1776-2009 Let's declare our independence!

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Submitted by DarthDubious on Mon, 07/13/2009 - 7:45pm.

to finally know what's really going on. You have taken your first step into a much larger world.

The Fed is the main head on a large criminal hydra that is known as the New World Order, an international bankster cartel that is hellbent on establishing a one world government. Auditing the Fed is the first step in exposing these swindlers and locking them up, thus stopping them dead in their tracks!

Welcome to the Revolution!

In Liberty,


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