ethicalgovernment: Rehwaldt-The First 100 Days

To the fine folks of Tyrone:
I don’t know if you folks realize it but tomorrow marks the first 100 days of your new Tyrone Town Council. Of course for the first 55 days we met in private, outside of the public eye, and in violation of the Georgia Open Meetings Act. Gracie said it was o.k., we weren’t sworn in.

ethicalgovernment: Tyrone - A Lawyer's Paradise

Even though the changes to Tyrone's charter were miniscule (one might ask why they even bothered) take a look at Article 8.102: Existing ordinances and resolutions of the town of Tyrone not inconsistent with the provisions of this chapter (do they mean charter?)shall continue in effect until council has acted on said ordinances and resolutions. Within two years of the effect date of this charter the council shall review all existing ordinances and resolutions, and shall adopt, repeal, modify or amend by majority vote of the council said ordinances and resolutions. All exisiting ordinances and resolutions not acted on by council shall be automatically repealed at the end of the above mentioned two year period.

ethicalgovernment: Tyrone Dust Bunnies

I see Tyrone's council ladies Grace Caldwell and Gloria Furr have taken their environmental advocacy show on the road. They're now targeting the quarry on Buffington Road in Fulton county for excessive dust emissions. What's next, are they going to ask Delta to stop flying over Tyrone because the planes emit CO2?

ethicalgovernment: Rehwaldt Declares State of Emergency

This morning Sunday January 20th Tyrone Mayor Don Rehwaldt issued an ethical state of emergency. He requested that all Tyrone citizens with even a shred of ethics remain in their homes until 2012.


Mayor Don Rehwaldt announced the salary information of the new town manager and attorney but cleverly forgot to release the comparables for the people they replaced:

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