thelonerangerof...: Famous Quotes of Tyrone Officials


"Let them sue, we have insurance."
"We didn't discriminate against anyone by passing Ordinance 454. We deleted all business uses for all businesses."


The State Bar of Georgia is investigating Barry Amos for the unlicensed practice of law. GA Law states, its unlawful for anyone without a license to engage in any kind of legal activity.


Freedom of the press no longer exists for Tyrone. At least not at Tyrone's Official Legal Organ the Fayette Daily News.

thelonerangerof...: Tyrone's Most Important Needs

Now that all the candidates have qualified, and have talked in glowing general terms about how good they're going to be if elected, let's hear them speak about the most important specific needs for Tyrone.

thelonerangerof...: Resignation of Tyrone Police Chief

Tyrone Police Chief Mullis resigned yesterday after only 5 months on the job. There's something "Barry" stinking here. The Chief had worked in Tyrone for about 15 years.

thelonerangerof...: Tyrone Citizens be sure to vote in November

Tyrone is going to have to grow up. Its getting too big and complex to be run by small groups of small minded people. Reject all incumbents this November. VOTE for Don Rehwaldt, Mayor, Tracy Young & Gordon Shenkle for Council.

thelonerangerof...: For Ken Matthews' Information

The days are gone when a Tyrone candidates' platform consists of general statements to do a good job. Voters want to know specifically what their solutions are? If officials don't know there are serious problems, then that's good enough reason for voters to reject the candidate.

thelonerangerof...: Tyrone Candidates for Office

Finally there is a candidate for Tyrone Council who has the courage to announce that he's running before the last minute.

thelonerangerof...: Tyrone Petition Signing

If you agree that there needs to be changes in the Tyrone government, then go to Tyrone Tire Co. on Senoia Road and sign the petition that says: All Tyrone citizens, property owners, business owners and people who patronize Tyrone businesses who want to protect property rights, eliminate secrecy, favoritism, unequal protection, destructive laws and violations of due process do hereby; Petition the Mayor and Council to hire a new Town Manager and Assistant Manager.

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